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  • Elliptical Tips

    Elliptical Tips

    As discussed in previous articles, running is a high-impact exercise that can take its toll on the body. It can cause knee, back and hip pain. But how do you incorporate cardio into your routine without hurting your joints? I recommend trying an elliptical machine as an alternative option.

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  • Does Running Cause Knee Pain?

    Does Running Cause Knee Pain?

    If your feet are causing your knee pain, we can prescribe a custom foot orthotic that will properly support the foot and relieve the added pressure on the knee.

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  • Why Are Diabetic Shoes Important?

    Why Are Diabetic Shoes Important?

    Diabetes is a serious and often overlooked disease that can lead to many complications, including nerve damage in your feet. Due to the delicate nature of their feet, diabetics should never go barefoot. Wearing shoes is imperative for maintaining a healthy diabetic foot, but not all shoes are made the same. Diabetic shoes are an important part of treating diabetes.

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  • Fall Risk Awareness

    Fall Risk Awareness

    Fall prevention is important for everyone, but it’s especially crucial for older family members. Your parents or grandparents may be at risk of falling and hurting themselves due to their age. As a result, they may suffer physical impairments after the accident, which could cause even worse problems than they had to overcome just to get up again!

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  • Insomnia or Neuropathy?

    Insomnia or Neuropathy?

    Is foot pain keeping you up at night? Some symptoms may include burning, tingling, or numbness that wakes you from sleep. Patients describe the sensation as pins and needles in their feet or a sock balled up on the bottom of their foot. If this sounds familiar, you may be experiencing symptoms of neuropathy.

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  • Food For Feet

    Food For Feet

    Who else loves a good March Madness watch party? I know I do! The best part of a watch party is probably the snacks, but many of the wings and dips are not the healthiest choice to make. Unhealthy food choices can exacerbate conditions, such as gout or diabetes, and lead to complications with your feet.

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  • What to Expect When Your Nails Are Trimmed by a Podiatrist

    What to Expect When Your Nails Are Trimmed by a Podiatrist

    Now more than ever we have seen people come in who haven’t had their toenails trimmed in a year or more. In these unprecedented times with the presence of COVID, this has become quite normal. Many people who need their toenails trimmed have underlying health conditions that put them in a high-risk category if they contracted COVID. These people stayed home for their health and safety, but many cannot reach their feet or don’t have the tools to properly trim thickened toenails.

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  • Why can’t my wife trim my nails?

    Why can’t my wife trim my nails?

    As humans, we all have a natural sense of pride. We want to be able to do things ourselves without asking for help. As we get older, it becomes more difficult to perform the simple everyday tasks we are accustomed to doing ourselves, such as cooking or trimming our toenails.

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  • Best Basketball Shoes

    Best Basketball Shoes

    In another blog post, I talked about common basketball injuries and how the biomechanics of the foot is a large contributing factor to obtaining an injury. Let’s do a brief recap: flat feet can cause over-pronation, which leads to instability in the ankles, tightness of the Achilles tendon, and rotation of the knees. This will increase your likelihood of injury. Orthotics are only one part of the equation.

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