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Children's Heel Pain

  • Sever's Disease

    When a preteen or teen complains of heel pain, a frequent diagnosis is Sever's disease, which sounds much worse than it really is. This common growing pain is relatively short-lived and won't cause any long-term problems.

  • In-toeing

    Our feet, ankles and legs are designed for the foot to point straight forward when we walk and run. But sometimes children's feet will point inward, which is otherwise known as in-toeing or being pigeon toed.

  • Athletic Injuries

    Getting your kids involved in sports is a great way to promote healthy living and establish a love for physical activity.

  • Ankle Arthritis

    While arthritis is generally known as a disease of older people, it can and does occur in children. While many cases are mild, approximately 70,000-100,000 children in America suffer from Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA)

  • Flat Feet

    While flat feet can cause vast problems for adults, flat feet in kids age seven and younger is not a concern, in most cases.

  • Choosing Shoes

    The bones in their feet are still forming, so a poorly fitted shoe can cause abnormal and repetitive pressures that could actually deform their feet. So there are some important things to know about choosing your children's shoes, beyond what color matches that new dress.