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Dr. Jamie Carter

Dr. Jamie Carter DPM, C.PED

Hailing from Mt. Vernon, Kentucky, Dr. Jamie Settles Carter, DPM, C.PED knew from an early age that if she pursued medicine, she wanted to stay true to her roots and treat her patients with dignity, compassion and kindness.

Moms Seek Out Dr. Carter

We have patients that travel state-wide for Dr. Carter's compassionate pediatric care.

Moms trust her to listen to them. Seems like an obvious thing for a Doctor to do, but in this fast paced world, it's now a sought after skill.

Dr. Carter understands that parents have an intuition when something is wrong with their child and she actively involves them in the treatment.

She knows that a simple change to shoe gear or a small orthotic insert can often have positive long term social benefits for a child.

One of Dr. Carter's favorite things about treating peds is that she can focus on prevention. You've heard the saying:

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of correction.

Conservative Care

Dr. Jamie Settles Carter is an expert in all aspects of foot and ankle surgery, as well as the latest techniques and procedures for treatment of heel pain, diabetes, ingrown toenails and all other common foot and ankle conditions. When she designs a comprehensive treatment plan for you, she takes into account your personal needs, lifestyle, age, occupation and limitations. Dr. Carter is currently accepting new patients.

She has recently been named as an Associate Professor at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine.

If you're a fan of Dr. Pimple Popper or My Feet Are Killing Me, subscribe to her YouTube channel.

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  • Residency: Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Dayton, Ohio 2010
  • Professional: Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine, Independence, Ohio 2007
  • Undergraduate: Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, Kentucky
  • Degree: Bachelor of Science, Biology

Dr. Carter completed a three-year surgical residency training program at the VA Medical Center in Dayton, Ohio, with a focus on diabetic and limb salvage. "This particularly intensive residency prepared me to treat not only the feet, but the whole patient, because we dealt with patients that were very sick."

During her residency, Jamie trained with more than 20 different surgeons and did an extensive amount of work at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, where they house one of the largest hyperbaric treatment facilities in the nation.