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Lexington Podiatry offers comprehensive non-surgical and surgical treatment options for a wide range of foot & ankle conditions. The various specialized services include:

  • Heel Pain

    Heel Pain

    When we get a new patient in the office that's complaining of pain in their heels and arch, the most common culprit is plantar fasciitis.

  • Arch Pain

    Arch Pain

    Most feet have an arch along the inside that rises up between the heel and ball of the foot. If the arch is flattened out or missing, that is called flat feet.

  • Sports Feet

    Sports Feet

    When a preteen or teen complains of heel pain, a frequent diagnosis is Sever's disease, which sounds much worse than it really is.

  • Ankle

    Ankle + Leg

    A lot rides on our ankles - our balance, the health of our knees, our ability to stand, walk and run… You might say they're under a lot of pressure.

  • Ball of Foot

    Ball of Foot

    A foot neuroma causes pain in the ball of your foot, most often between the third and fourth toes, however, it can be present in between any of the toes.

  • Top of Foot

    Top of Foot

    Some top-of-foot pain is a result of the foot flattening out, which places abnormal pressure on the foot.

  • Knee Pain

    Knee Pain

    Do your knees hurt for no apparent reason and you can't figure out why? Did you twist them? Are you developing arthritis?

  • Gaint & Balance

    Gait & Balance

    Gait and balance issues can happen at many ages with many diagnoses. We do mostly see this in our elderly population.

  • Fall Risk Program

    Fall Risk Program

    At Lexington Podiatry we sit down and really try to get to the bottom of why you're having balance issues.

  • Toe Pain

    Toe Pain and

    We've all seen toenails like these at the pool or in the shower at the gym. Yellow, thick, and/or discolored toenails all point...

  • Skin Conditions

    Skin Conditions

    Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, is a common skin condition found in children but may develop at any age.

  • Children Feet

    Children's Feet

    Our feet, ankles and legs are designed for the foot to point straight forward when we walk and run. But sometimes children's feet will point inward...

  • Diabetic Feet

    Diabetic Feet

    Diabetic foot ulcers are serious, so don't mess around. Get them treated as soon as you notice the problem. Ulcers don't go away on their own.

  •  Platelet Rich Plasma Injections

    Platelet Rich Plasma Injections

    When treating painful foot and ankle conditions, steroid injections have been a staple for immediate relief.

  • Back Pain

    Back Pain

    Patients may express frustration, questioning the need for foot care when their primary concern is back related.