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At Lexington Podiatry, we pride ourselves on being the premier center for foot orthotic therapy in the greater Lexington area and Kentucky. Our podiatrists have exceptional credentials and specialize in custom foot orthotics, biomechanical and gait evaluations, making us the leading referral center for orthotic therapy in our region.

When you choose Lexington Podiatry, you can expect superior relief of symptoms and more comfortable orthotics compared to other clinics. Our goal is to help you achieve optimum health and relief from foot-related issues. If you're located outside the area, we frequently have patients who travel to see us for orthotic therapy, so please inform our Patient Experience Team when scheduling your appointment to ensure we allocate the appropriate time for you.

Before diving into the details, it's essential to understand the different types of orthotics available. The term "orthotic" can refer to various devices worn inside a shoe. There are three primary categories: custom, customized, and off-the-shelf orthotics. Each type serves a different purpose, and becoming an educated consumer is crucial to making the best decision for your health.

Custom foot orthotics are tailor-made medical devices that are crafted based on molds taken from your feet when they are not bearing weight. These orthotics are designed to specifically address issues such as pronation (rolling in) and supination (rolling out), which can potentially lead to injuries. In addition to providing support, custom orthotics improve the efficiency of activities like walking, running, and standing, while also relieving pain caused by excessive pressure or calluses by redistributing the pressure on the foot.

There are various foot-related problems that can arise due to misalignment between the bones and muscles in the foot. Even a slight misalignment can result in significant discomfort, including conditions like arch/heel pain, hammertoes, bunions, corns and calluses. Moving further up…knee pain, and even back pain. Custom orthotics go beyond offering simple arch support; they work to realign the foot and leg structures, preventing bone malalignment, muscle fatigue, and the development of pressure points. Furthermore, they can assist in preventing foot deformities following surgical procedures.

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