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  1. Relieve Ball of Foot Pain, How Custom Orthotics Should Be Created

    • Orthotics should snugly hug the arch of your foot.
    • "Total contact orthotics" are the most effective type as they conform tightly to the arch, transferring pressure away from the ball of the foot.
    • Orthotics should also include cushioning under the ball of the foot for added relief.
  2. I Have Tried Custom Orthotics Before and They Didn’t Treat the Pain under the Balls of the Feet?

    • Most orthotics fail to alleviate ball of foot pain because they have a low arch that doesn't snugly conform to the foot's arch.
    • Total contact orthotics have been proven to be more effective in scientific studies.
  3. Say YES to Cushioning! Extra Cushioning in Select Areas of the Orthotic Successfully Reduces Pain Under the Ball of the Foot

    • Specific types of cushioning have been shown to reduce force and eliminate ball of foot pain.
    • Cushioning can be placed under the ball of the foot or on top of the orthotic to decrease pressure.
  4. Important Key Elements to Successfully Decrease Pain to the Ball of Foot Pain:

    • Non-weightbearing casts should be used for making orthotics to ensure an accurate arch shape.
    • Proper foot positioning during casting is crucial.
    • A comprehensive orthotic prescription should instruct the lab to create a snug fit between the arch of the orthotic and the foot.
    • High-quality orthotic labs should be utilized for best results.
  5. Do I Really Need a Custom Orthotic for My Ball of Foot Pain?

    • Custom orthotics are not always necessary. Over-the-counter arch supports can be a good starting point.
    • Custom orthotics provide a better fit and greater pressure relief, particularly for conditions like neuromas.
    • The Rx Powerstep Medical Grade Arch Support is recommended for athletic shoes and shoes like high heels or flats.
  6. Why Haven’t Orthotics Helped My Ball of Foot Pain in the Past?

    • Orthotic therapy lacks proper regulation, leading to a variation in quality.
    • Some providers lack sufficient training and knowledge of the latest research in orthotic therapy.

If you have ball of foot pain and want to have it evaluated, consider making an appointment at Lexington Podiatry. Bring your existing orthotics for further assessment.

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