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Not all feet are the same, your FOOT TYPE might be the cause of your pain

Many workers spend countless hours standing and walking on hard surfaces, often carrying or lifting heavy loads. Physical pain can often occur due to improper posture and body alignment, and NOT just in the foot and ankle! Knee, hip and back pain can also be due to postural malalignment that starts with YOUR FOOT TYPE. Like the foundation of a house, it all begins at the ground. A properly balanced body can dramatically improve overall posture and strength and decrease pain.


Did you know that All Feet Are Not the Same? We all inherit physical characteristics from our parents and that includes your foot shape and type. Nolaro24's patented Foot Classification System allows for quick and easy identification of your foot type so you can better understand the impact of your foot type on the pain you experience throughout your body.

What makes Quadrasteps® Unique?

  • 6 distinct orthotic corrections to accommodate all foot types
  • Available in both narrow and standard widths
  • Mismatch program available if left and right feet are not the same
  • Custom-like fit at a fraction of the cost of custom orthotics

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