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Top Of Foot Pain

  • Neuroma

    A foot neuroma causes pain in the ball of your foot, most often between the third and fourth toes, however, it can be present in between any of the toes.

  • Dorsal Exostosis/Bone Spur

    If you have a bony bump on the top of your foot that hurts, it's likely a dorsal exostosis. It's similar to a bunion, but doesn't make your toe point in a strange direction.

  • Dorsal Compression

    Some top-of-foot pain is a result of the foot flattening out, which places abnormal pressure on the foot.

  • Stress Fracture

    Sometimes when a patient twists or turns their ankle, a stress fracture might result. Sometimes called hairline fractures, these small crack sometimes aren't visible on an X-ray for 10 - 14 days.

  • Arthritis

    Ankle arthritis can be a very painful condition that will progressively worsen if left untreated. This inflammation of the ankle joint produces pain, swelling and a general stiff feeling that can make walking and exercising uncomfortable.

  • Ligament Sprain

    A ligament sprain on the top of the foot can occur from injury or overuse. This is more rare than an ankle sprain.