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Foot Neuroma

A foot neuroma causes pain in the ball of your foot, most often between the third and fourth toes, however, it can be present in between any of the toes.

Symptoms range from mere discomfort or feeling like there's a rock in your shoe to searing pain or stinging.

The toes might hurt or be numb, or you might be experiencing a radiating pain that shoots from the ball of your foot out into the toes. Like many foot conditions, it's important to get this treated because it will only get worse.


Neuromas are caused by the thickening of tissue around the nerves that lead into your toes. It's the body's way of trying to protect the nerve from injury. While we don't fully understand what causes foot neuromas, doctors suspect the culprit is some kind of irritation, injury or unusual pressure on the nerve due to faulty biomechanics. That's because it's relatively common among patients who:

  • Have conditions like flat feet, bunions or hammertoes
  • Wear the wrong shoes like high heels or too-tight shoes
  • Play high-impact sports like running
  • Participate in sports that involve wearing tight shoes, like rock climbing or skiing
  • Women that are between age 40 – 60


When you come in for an appointment, we'll do a thorough examination of your foot and may take an X-Ray or use an ultrasound to rule out any other possible causes of the pain.

  • We'll start by taking a look at the type of shoes you wear to see if that might be the culprit. (It's amazing what the wrong shoes can do to your feet!)
  • We might recommend arch supports or orthotics to relieve the pain and allow the tissue to return to normal. Other possible options, depending on the severity and level of pain, include corticosteroid injections and surgery, but only after we have exhausted all other treatment options.

At Home Treatment

1. To ease the pain and calm overactive nerves soak your feet daily in RELAX. The lemongrass and Epsom salts will soothe damaged nerves and increase circulation.

2. After you've patted the area dry, apply our super potent CBD stick, SOOTHE. Or our CBD-FREE pain-relieving ointment, RECOVER. Both will offer a refreshing sensation while erasing away your pain.