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How Can a Podiatrist Help with My Back Pain?

Patients may express frustration, questioning the need for foot care when their primary concern is back related.

However, the orthopedists or physiatrists treating back conditions may recommend personalized orthotics to address foot issues. Handmade orthotics, crafted from compressible materials, can help absorb impact that would otherwise impact the back, while promoting proper foot alignment to reduce strain on the lower body and spine. Unlike standard orthotics, which are provided as finished products, handmade orthotics can be gradually adjusted over time to provide optimal support as the patient's movement and strength improve.

Dr. Freels and Dr. Carter specialize in customizing orthotics based on your comfort level to ensure effectiveness in alleviating back pain and enhancing daily comfort. While orthotics may not entirely eliminate back discomfort, they can significantly improve daily comfort and functional mobility.

Understanding Back Pain and Its Causes

Back pain is a common issue affecting individuals of all ages and can manifest as persistent discomfort or sudden, sharp pain. Various factors and conditions contribute to back pain, such as muscle or ligament strains from heavy lifting or sudden movements. Degenerative conditions like arthritis or skeletal irregularities like scoliosis can also be culprits. Disc-related problems, such as bulging or ruptured discs, can lead to nerve compression and pain. Osteoporosis-related compression fractures and lifestyle factors like poor posture, lack of exercise, obesity, and stress can exacerbate back pain. It's crucial to address the multifaceted causes of back pain to facilitate effective management and treatment.

Why Won’t My Back Pain Go Away?

Back pain can be caused by a variety of factors, including poor posture, muscle strain, or even underlying medical conditions. Surprisingly, foot issues can also contribute to back pain. If you have improper foot alignment or gait abnormalities, it can affect the way you walk and stand, leading to added stress on your back muscles. A podiatrist can conduct a thorough evaluation of your feet and lower extremities to identify any potential issues that may be contributing to your back pain. By addressing and correcting these foot problems, you may find relief from your back pain as well.


In terms of treatments for back pain, a podiatrist can offer a range of options to help alleviate your discomfort. Custom orthotic inserts can be tailored to correct any foot alignment issues or gait abnormalities that may be impacting your back. By providing support and proper alignment for your feet, orthotics can help reduce the stress on your back muscles and alleviate pain. Additionally, a podiatrist may recommend exercises or stretches to strengthen your foot and lower leg muscles, further supporting your back and improving overall posture.


When it comes to preventing future back pain, a podiatrist can play a key role in maintaining your foot health. By addressing any foot issues early on and providing proper support through custom orthotics, you can help prevent unnecessary stress on your back muscles. Regular visits to a podiatrist for foot evaluations can ensure that any potential problems are caught and corrected before they lead to back pain. Additionally, a podiatrist can offer guidance on proper footwear choices and foot care practices to promote optimal foot health and reduce the risk of developing back pain in the future.