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Foot Health

People don't see podiatrists only for foot pain. Overall foot health is very important. We want to assist you in ALL of your foot care needs and keep your feet happy and healthy!

  • Nail Care

    It may seem like a simple task, but trimming your nails can be dangerous if you have poor circulation or diabetes. Neuropathy (or loss of feeling) is common in those with diabetes.

  • Orthotics

    Orthotics provide a simple non-surgical method of restoring the arch to its optimal shape, thus relieving the stress on the bones and joints, allowing the foot to gradually heal.

  • High Arch

    Most feet have an arch along the inside that rises up between the heel and ball of the foot. If the arch is flattened out or missing, that is called flat feet.

  • Flat Feet

    If the only thing you know about flat feet is that they'll keep you out of the military, you've got a lot to learn. For one thing, that's a myth.

  • Fall Risk

    Drop foot, diabetic neuropathy, MS, severe arthritis, and stroke are a few of the many reasons why a person may be at a greater risk for falls. Walkers and canes do not always offer enough support to prevent falls.

  • Obesity

    Obesity can wreak havoc on your feet and ankles. Multiple studies have linked a higher BMI (body mass index) with foot and ankle problems, and even amounts as small as an extra 10 pounds can cause issues.