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Fall Risk

Drop foot, diabetic neuropathy, MS, severe arthritis, and stroke are a few of the many reasons why a person may be at a greater risk for falls. Walkers and canes do not always offer enough support to prevent falls. We can help provide you with the support and stability you need to stay on your feet!

At your appointment, we will perform a fall risk assessment, which is just a series of simple tests and questions to determine you risk for a future fall. This in turn guides your treatment plan.

Possible treatments include bracing, gait training and physical therapy. We can help keep you on your feet and prevent any future falls.


If you want the confidence of stability without having to lug around additional equipment, braces are a great solution and can significantly increase your quality of life.

These days, many braces are low profile enough to fit under pants and no one even has to know you're wearing one. They fit into a wide variety of shoes, so your fashion sense isn't compromised either. Did you know there's a brace out there that weighs the same as an iPhone??

Physical Therapy

If necessary, we will refer you to physical therapy where you will undergo gait and balance training. Keeping your leg and core muscles strong is key in preventing falls.


There are a few things you can do to prevent the risk of falling, including:

  • Wearing supportive shoes in the home
  • Reducing obstacles in the home
  • Exercises to improve strength and range of motion