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  • Yoga For Toes?

    Yoga For Toes?

    Do you remember that childhood song “the hip bone is connected to the leg bone…”? Well, there is a lot of truth to it! If you are hips, hamstrings, or calves are tight/weak it can lead to tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, and other types of foot pain. Believe it or not, many of these issues can be prevented simply by stretching.  Yoga is great for your feet. It loosens your muscles and tendons. And yes fellas, yoga would be great for you too!

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  • Tips for Indoor Cycling

    Tips for Indoor Cycling

    Many people want to incorporate some form of cardio into their workout routine, but running can be unforgiving. Foot pain, knee pain, and ankle sprains are all common problems in runners.

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  • Reaching Your New Year Goals

    Reaching Your New Year Goals

    Many people, myself included, want to live healthier and more active lifestyles. Exercise is often the first step towards this goal, but many people end up in my exam chair with injuries. Since exercise is such popular New Year’s Resolution, as well as something that is important in my life, I find it imperative to discuss ways to prevent injury while exercising. Here are a few simple tips to help keep you moving so you can meet your goals.

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  • Dreaming of the Beach

    Dreaming of the Beach

    With all of the snow and ice we’ve had lately, it is really making me wish I was at the beach. What I wouldn’t give to be soaking up the Florida sun, running across the beach in a state of pure bliss like they do in the movies.

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  • Best Basketball Shoes

    Best Basketball Shoes

    In another blog post, I talked about common basketball injuries and how the biomechanics of the foot is a large contributing factor to obtaining an injury. Let’s do a brief recap: flat feet can cause over-pronation, which leads to instability in the ankles, tightness of the Achilles tendon, and rotation of the knees. This will increase your likelihood of injury. Orthotics are only one part of the equation.

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  • Sprained ankle myths busted!

    Summer sports are in full swing, but with summer sports often come summer sports injuries. Caring for foot and ankle injuries correctly is incredibly important, especially if you are trying to get back on your feet for the fall sports that are right around the corner.

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  • Listen to your Feet

    Now that spring weather is ramping up, many of you will be getting out and getting active. With all of this new physical activity, have you taken the time to see how your feet are doing?

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  • Treat your job as a Sport

    Remember your glory days when you spent hours upon hours playing ball with your friends or on a team representing your school?

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  • Heel pain? Don’t let it sideline you!

    As you may have heard, it was a downer weekend for two well-known NFL players who are suffering from foot injuries.

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  • Famously, or infamously, insured feet!

    Buying insurance for the possessions we value most is common practice for those of us who want to protect our most important assets, but how many of us value our own feet enough to take out a policy on them?

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