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Why can’t my wife trim my nails?

As humans, we all have a natural sense of pride. We want to be able to do things ourselves without asking for help. As we get older, it becomes more difficult to perform the simple everyday tasks we are accustomed to doing ourselves, such as cooking or trimming our toenails.

For many of us, it can be frustrating or even embarrassing to not be able to care for ourselves like we once did. Or maybe you already have to see a lot of doctors and don’t want to see another one. It is often easier to ask a family member for help with tasks like trimming your toenails, but sometimes it is best to let a podiatrist trim your toenails instead.

Toenails are Thick

If you have ever watched our YouTube channel, you have seen how thick some toenails can get. Unless you have the right tools, it is next to impossible to trim the nails at home. Toenails are not only harder to trim when they become long and thick, but it can also be difficult to determine what is skin and what is a nail. You might think it is super obvious to tell, but trust us it isn’t. This makes it a lot easier for a person to accidentally cut themselves when trimming their nails at home. For most of us, a little nick on a toe isn’t a big deal. However, most people with long and thickened toenails have poor circulation or diabetes, so a little nick on the toe can become extremely serious.

Proper Monitoring and Treatment is Essentia

For a person with poor circulation or diabetes, a nick on the toe can lead to complications because these conditions delay healing. Good blood flow is essential to healing any wound. Without it, you are not only looking at the lengthy healing time, but you are also more susceptible to developing an infection.

Without proper monitoring and treatment, this small nick can even lead to amputation in severe cases. We see this happen a lot, especially in people with diabetes. Something they thought was small and easy to heal turned into something way more serious. Since it can be high risk for people with poor circulation and diabetes to trim their nails at home, many insurance companies will pay for a podiatrist to trim your nails.

“Is it possible for a podiatrist to nick me?”

You may be thinking: “Is it possible for a podiatrist to nick me?” Accidents happen whether you are at home or in a doctor’s office. However, it is highly unlikely to happen under the care of a podiatrist. Not only do we spend years training, but we also have a birds-eye view, making it a lot easier for us to cut your nails. If you are nicked, your risk of infection is significantly decreased because we use sterilized instruments and we are able to monitor your cut to ensure that you do not develop an infection or any other serious complications.

Let us take away all of the hard work and worry that can come with cutting your own toenails. If you have questions about whether nail trims are billable to your insurance or would like to schedule an appointment, you can call our office at or schedule an appointment online!