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  • Tips for Aging Feet

    Tips for Aging Feet

    It seems that as we age, everything else in our body starts to slow down–except our feet. Even though they have been carrying us around for years and have borne the brunt of our weight, often times our feet don’t get the attention they need. By taking some simple steps to care for our feet, we can keep them healthy and pain-free well into old age. Read on for tips on how to take care of your aging feet!

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  • Fall Risk Awareness

    Fall Risk Awareness

    Fall prevention is important for everyone, but it’s especially crucial for older family members. Your parents or grandparents may be at risk of falling and hurting themselves due to their age. As a result, they may suffer physical impairments after the accident, which could cause even worse problems than they had to overcome just to get up again!

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