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What Is Regenerative Medicine?

Around 700 BC, the ancient Greeks proposed that parts of the body could be used to regenerate other parts. Modern use of regenerative medicine began in the early 1920's in hopes of avoiding surgery.

Regenerative medicine is a term that refers to procedures which are innovative and revolutionary. They are advanced techniques that use different types of cellular therapies to jump start your body's own healing and growth factors. This helps to alleviate your pain faster, and get you back on your feet quickly and minimize the need for invasive surgical procedures that includes anesthesia risks.

Lexington Podiatry is unique in the fact that we are one of the few offices that offer the most advanced technology and cutting edge procedures to get back to the activities you love. For individuals with busy lifestyles, work on painful concrete or hard surfaces to athlete's and exercise enthusiasts, or someone who just wants a more speedy healing process, this treatment is a great option for you!

There are several different modalities we offer in the office to promote the use of your body's healing factors. These procedures have minimal downtime and can be to heal acute injuries and chronic conditions such as arthritis, tendonitis and tendon tears, fractures, non-healing wounds, etc. Our patients typically have a reduction in pain by 40% in 10 days with use of such modalities.

If you are suffering with pain and are interested in alternative therapies to promote faster healing, please schedule a consultation today.