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  • Neuroma

    It is not uncommon for patient's to fail conservative care methods for a neuroma. When this happens, there are surgical modalities available to help alleviate your pain.

  • Ball of Foot Pain

    We currently see a variety of pain in the ball of the foot. Sometimes due to a neuroma and others due to biomechanical issues. One of these issues can be a plantar plate tear. After failing conservative treatment, you may be a candidate for a repair of your plantar plate.

  • Arthritis and Arthritic Spurs

    We all know about that scary word Arthritis. Contrary to popular belief, foot arthritis is not something you need to live with. If you have tried and failed conservative care on your joint pain, surgery may be the answer.

  • Endoscopic Plantar Fasciotomy

    Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common problems we see in our patients. This painful problem can affect every step of your day. While most patients get better quickly with conservative care, if not there is a minimally invasive technique to cure this diagnosis.

  • Tarsal Tunnel Release

    Surgery for tarsal tunnel involves releasing the ligament which is adding pressure to the posterior tibial nerve. The surgeon will carefully make an incision about 6-7 cm long, and release this ligament in order to decompress the area.

  • Plantar Fasciotomy

    We see a great deal of plantar fasciitis in our practice. If you have failed normal conservative care measures, the doctor may determine that you are a candidate for a plantar fasciotomy.

  • Incision and Drainage

    We frequently see infections in the foot due in many of our patients. Whether it is due to stepping on a sharp object, or an infected foreign body, we've got you covered.

  • Ulcerations/Grafting

    We frequently see open ulcerations or wounds in our office especially in diabetic patients. Many of these are caused by an underlying boney pressure point.

  • Lapiplasty®

    Bunions are a genetic foot deformity that can cause a lot of pain. A bunion can alter the look of your foot and make it hard to wear sandals or go barefoot in front of others. It can also make shoes fit poorly and cause pain with every step.