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We all know about that scary word Arthritis. Contrary to popular belief, foot arthritis is not something you need to live with. If you have tried and failed conservative care on your joint pain, surgery may be the answer.

About the Procedure

Surgical treatment for foot arthritis most often involves fusing the joint. What this means, is that the surgeon removes what is left of the cartilage in the joint, and places the bones of the joint in a position for them to grow together. This is commonly accompanied by some type of plate or screw being inserted to hold these bones in place.

The patient will then be in a boot or cast for 6-8 weeks and be non weight bearing, depending on their ability to heal.

Although this can be a long recovery road, the goal is to alleviate the pain a patient is experiencing and allow them to walk and run without pain or discomfort.

If you are experiencing arthritis pain and feel that you have failed conservative care, be sure to schedule an appointment for a surgical consultation.