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Unfortunately, as we age, we lose volume all over our body causing our skin to become weaker and thinner. This can cause pain, especially in the ball of the foot, while going barefoot or wearing your favorite pair of high heels. Bellafill provides immediate correction by stimulating your own collagen and adding volume.

About The Procedure

Bellafill is a long lasting volumizer that can be injected into boney areas that cause pain. It is a combination of collagen gel (80%) and PMMA microspheres (20%). Collagen provides tissue support, strength and integrity. The PMMA microspheres provide a “scaffold” to support endogenous (your own body's) collagen production and tissue matrix formation. A nerve block is performed prior to the procedure for minimal discomfort.

Minimal downtime is required after the procedure. You will be placed in an immobilizing boot after the procedure and continue to wear it for the next couple of weeks following the procedure.