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  • Jean Moore's Story

    I had the best treatment. My fungus is gone and I will be back for more soon!
  • Jeff Roark's Story

    I just wanted to say that my visit to get my new inserts with Miss Angie was outstanding. She was super nice and great to talk with. Very personable and made me feel comfortable like we had known each other forever. Great lady and great staff.
  • Jeanne Clark's Story

    I wasn’t sure what to expect when I visited Lexington Podiatry. I had been to 4 other podiatrists both here in Lexington and Louisville and was probably expecting the same results. I saw Dr. Carter for my toe issue.

    She was kind, knowledgable and welcoming. She knew from the start what was wrong and immediately starting treating. One of the best experiences was with Angie who gave...
  • Vickie S's Story

    I want to give a shout out to Angie Turpin! She is so friendly and thoughtful and does a great job with the laser treatments for my foot pain. The representatives at the front desk are also great to work with. I wish I could remember their names, but I definitely remember how they make you feel!! Very courteous and professional. I highly recommend Lexington Podiatry.
  • VICKIE S's Story

    My first visit was yesterday, and I was very impressed by the friendly and caring staff, especially Dr. Freels, Jordan, and Abigail. I felt like my needs were individualized and being met right from the start. I'm excited to see how my foot improves and I truly feel it now will. Thanks to you all!
  • Isabella F's Story

    Amazing and quick service. The people are friendly and care about you. They are willing to joke and tell you the information.
  • Robyn B's Story

    Lexington Podiatry is absolutely the best podiatrist office in the state. Not only do they excel at the physician aspect, they have customer service and comfort of the patient perfected! My family and I have been patients at Lexington Podiatry for several years and have never had anything but positive experiences! I highly recommend Dr Jamie Carter as we have been her patients for years however I&...
  • Lynn J's Story

    I walked into Lexington Podiatry in so much pain. I had X-rays and Dr. Carter gave me my diagnosis, and told me how she would treat me. By the time I got home I felt like a New person. No pain in my feet and I wasn't using the cane! I am so glad I went to Lexington Podiatry. Thank you Dr. Carter you're simply the Best!!!
  • George A's Story

    Love this place! The doctors and staff are very knowledgeable and super friendly. First foot doctor ever to figure out what was actually wrong with my foot. I would highly recommend them if you have any problems with your feet!
  • Marcia H's Story

    I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Carter. Not only did she pinpoint my dad’s problem and treat him, she did so with such kindness. Everyone in the entire practice was great!
  • I needed Podiatry services fast. I looked online and was able to book an appointment myself for the next day. Absolutely wonderful service. I was very nervous going in. I was in pain and did not know what to expect. Dr Carter was wonderful, kind and very skilled. The teaching the staff did so I could care for myself afterward was outstanding. It was by far the best post treatment teaching I have received. I am a nurse myself and I understand good medical teaching. I am thrilled to find an excellent Podiatry practice.

    ~ Sue S

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  • Great experience from check-in to check-out. Staff is friendly and welcoming. The office is beautiful. This was my first visit and I had several problems with an injured foot, and they administered all treatments needed that visit. It wasn't something they just consulted about and then scheduled later, which I was so appreciative of. I already have so much relief! Dr. Freels is so friendly, and has awesome bedside manner. I'm happy I chose Lexington Podiatry!

    ~ Holly K

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  • Everyone at Lexington Podiatry is warm and friendly. They take great care of your from the first phone call until you walk out the office door. I was nervous about getting my issue resolved, but Dr. Carter did a fantastic job and really eased my mind. I would recommend this practice wholeheartedly!

    ~ Amanda H

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  • I can't recommend Lexington Podiatry enough. Office was clean and staff was incredibly friendly and respectful. Dr. Carter did an amazing job! She was empathetic, professional and down to earth. I have at least two family member lined up to make appointments just based on my great experience.

    ~ Amy

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  • My daughter saw Megann, NP, and Dr Carter for a plantar wart. They provided excellent and kind care. The office was bright and clean and easy to get to (just off I-75). Definitely will recommend this provider and office to friends and family looking for a podiatrist.

    ~ Liza W

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  • Everything was great! Only thing that I could say needs improvement is communication. I had to pay $50 copay with my insurance which I expected but then also had to pay $150 before I left. It was explained that the $150 is what's paid before insurance and then after insurance is billed I would get a refund for left over balance but I was not expecting that so kinda put us behind. Other than that it was great!

    ~ Charming C

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  • I am working in Kentucky for several months. When I googled “best podiatry doctors”, Lexington was listed as #1! The service and care provided was outstanding! I'll have surgery in a couple of months.

    On another note, I'm doing a remodel of my home and loved the decor of the office. I sent my contractor a picture of the beautiful tile in the office! Lol!!

    ~ Benita D

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  • Everyone is very personable, efficient, and friendly. The office is amazing, clean, and exceeds my expectations for a medical care facility. Dr. Freels was compassionate and took time to answer my questions. I have recommended the practice to people in my life. Highly recommend Lexington Podiatry.

    ~ Ian P

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  • I can not say enough great things about Lexington Podiatry! The environment was so welcoming and the decor of the whole office was very warming. Dr. Freels and Megan were extremely friendly and answered all of my questions. I had a pain-free experience and will be recommending to everyone!

    ~ Lindsey S

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  • Very prompt, professional and good teamwork between the doctors and assistants. I had my first appt for foot pain and the diagnosis appears to be the correct one and I have gotten immediate relief from the aids they recommended and provided. I'm very impressed with Lexington Podiatry and highly recommend their services!!

    ~ Linda W

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  • Today I was seen by Dr.Carter and Stacey the PA. This was my first time meeting Stacey and I was very impressed. She was very knowledgeable and explained everything to me and made sure I didn't have any questions or concerns. Next enters Dr. Carter, she is always a ray of sunshine with her smile and positivity. Such a wonderful experience as always.

    ~ Stephanie A

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  • I was amazed with the office, staff and doctor. They were Very friendly plus professional. Doctor Freels, made me feel very comfortable and knew exactly what was going on with my foot. I feel confident that they will help me and can finally move forward. I wish I would of went here a long time ago instead of getting nowhere where I was at. I definitely will recommend them to anyone who has foot issues.

    ~ Janice M

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  • I highly recommend Lexington Podiatry! Dr. Freels is wonderful with her patient care and obviously an expert in her field! Angelica made every instruction seem so clear to follow and her assurances I took with me! Thank all of you for a pleasant office visit.

    ~ Vicki S

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  • Dr. Jamie Carter is spectacular. I am seeing her for plantar warts. She listens and I can tell that she genuinely hears me when I tell her about my problem. One of the best doctor visits I’ve ever had. Great doctor and person!

    ~ Jordan M

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  • I've been to quite a few doctor's offices and none made me feel quite like Lexington Podiatry. From the moment I walked in I felt comfortable. It didn't feel like a stuffy doctor's office. Everyone I spoke with at the clinic was very personable and I felt right at home. Dr. Carter, along with the nurses and receptionists, all were very approachable and relaxed to make someone feel as comfortable as possible.

    It was supposed to be just a normal office visit but they were able to do the procedure right then and there, and they sent you home with necessary materials to make sure the healing process is taken care of. I would say prepare to have your calves judged, but I'm sure that's just me! Haha

    TLDR; 5/5 definitely would recommend this place. It's comfortable and efficient.

    ~ Tony T

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  • Very thorough and they took the time to explain what is happening with what they are doing to your foot problems. Very professional including the office staff. Very pleasant atmosphere in the waiting area. They don’t rush you in and rush you out they take the time to answer any of your questions. Best podiatrist office

    I’ve been to. I’d recommend this office to my friends and family

    ~ Mary H

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  • They are so sweet and fast. I didn’t even wait 5 min.before they called me in. The technician that was doing my laser was so sweet and friendly. Time flew because we were talking and didn’t even feel the burn like sometimes I do. Than you for everything can’t wait to go for my last treatment

    ~ Mayra M

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  • Highly recommend! My daughter was misdiagnosed at a different facility and developed many issues from it. We came here and received the answers we needed and she’s on the road to recovery and doing much better. The staff was really nice and the facility is GORGEOUS!

    ~ Ashlayyy

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  • After visiting a couple podiatrist in the area With no luck, I came across all the great reviews of Lexington Podiatry. I made an appointment and was seen the next day. Wow am I glad I made that appointment. When you walk in you feel like you are in a spa. I didn’t even sit down to fill out paperwork and I was taken back. Dr Freels spent time with me and I didn’t feel rushed as we discussed my problems. I see a lot of specialist. She really listened and understood my health concerns and didn’t allow me to waste any extra money on procedures before addressing the issues up front first. Every podiatrist I have seen has wanted to operate even though my own foot surgeon will not. I was getting frustrated until I found Lexington Podiatry. No wonder they have the most reviews I have ever seen at a Podiatrist! Keep up the good work! I will see you all soon. Or text! They even have an option for that! Amazing!

    ~ Clozet

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  • Very professional practice. Lovely atmosphere and aesthetically pleasing. They run on time, staff is very pleasant and helpful. Dr Carter delivered on making my foot pain go away!

    ~ Amy C

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  • Dr Freels and her staff are very professional and knowledgeable. The care I received there was exceptional and they helped heal a wound I had on my toe for 9 months in 2 weeks. I highly recommend this group of Physicians.

    ~ Darby R

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  • I had to have a very painful ingrown toenail removed. I was so nervous! The entire staff was so kind ~ from the receptionist to the nurses to the doctor. They are very thorough and take excellent care of their patients! They also have a lovely facility!

    ~ Kristy T

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  • Love the experience I receive at Lex Pod. Everyone, from the receptionist to the nurses, the doctors and the exit receptionist treat each patient as if they were the only person there. There is never a rush nor a feeling of dread while there. They explain every procedure and expected payments before anything is performed. They take the time to explain what’s going on and how they want to handle it.

    ~ steeler

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  • My first visit. Exceptional service. Dr Barko was as pleasant as a doctor could be and was extremely informative and answered all my questions. I didn’t feel like she felt rushed at all and took as much time as was needed. Would highly, highly recommend!

    ~ Jim C

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  • The office is always spotlessly clean. The staff operates on schedule, and are kind, knowledgeable, and helpful. I have gone there as needed for over 5 years now. Blessed to have this type of high quality care nearby!

    ~ Sharon H

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  • It was very easy to schedule my appt and be seen as soon as possible. The office was nice and clean, like you are entering a spa. I was greeted by staff who were very friendly! I gave a 4 because there were a million things coming at you at once and it was a tad confusing and overwhelming from the imaging (which nice to get it read there) but the reading and examination was a little rushed and to then someone else comes in the office with braces and tells you a huge dollar amount. Luckily they offer payment plans to help with the financial burdens. All in all i liked my experience I would just suggest that doctors slow down a tap and pause for questions.

    Edit to add: as soon as a posted the review, I was contacted immediately to address my concerns. The staff member was patient with my questions and took her time in explaining everything. She stayed on the phone with me and I did not feel rushed. My second appt Dr. Freels, she acknowledged my experience and apologized. She took her time in explaining recommendations and she was very patient with me and provided alternatives that best suite me and my lifestyle. I would highly recommend anyone to go there because you will get top level service!


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  • I highly recommend Lexington Podiatry. I've seen Dr Freels the most but they all seem very knowledgeable and professional. I've been going since 2019 and their orthotics have literally saved my feet (Achilles tendinitis). Plus, she's picked up on other aches and pains that I had deemed normal but she knew how to alleviate fairly quickly. I remain impressed with their practice and will definitely go back.

    ~ Lisa M

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  • So easy to talk with. The team of doctors that saw my 10 year old daughter sat down, talked directly to her and explained everything to her. They answered all my questions and showed interest in not only what we had going on now but gave suggestions on how to prevent injury in the future.

    ~ Cicely A

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  • Words cannot express the gratitude that I have at this moment for Lexington Podiatry and Dr. Carter. I went into their office unable to walk without pain and left a short time later with minimal discomfort and 4 days later my feet feel 100% better. I had never been to a podiatrist in my life and no one that I knew had either so I did a Google search and went with Lexington Podiatry because they had the highest ranking. Now I understand why, they work hard at keeping a stellar reputation. Thank you Lexington Podiatry and Dr. Carter for helping me be able to walk pain free.

    ~ Vickie F

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  • I would suggest this doctor. She was very helpful and she listened to what I had to say and answered all my questions. I would recommend her or Dr. Freels. This is the only two doctors that I have been to in this office. And they do listen to what you have to say. I learnt a few things on my visit today that I did not know.

    As far as the guy in finance(David) He is kind of rude and doesn’t work well with the customers or Assistance in this office. This is very bad for customer relations and bad for good reviews. He doesn’t try to help the customer or work with them in any way.

    ~ Jackie J

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  • I saw Dr Carter for plantar fasciitis. Everyone from the front desk to checkout was fabulous. Her treatment plan was effective and I am amazed at how fast I saw improvement. I would recommend this practice to anyone needing podiatry treatment.

    ~ Joanna C

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  • This place is amazing !! It’s so nice and clean.. reminds me of a spa!! The staff was so nice. We were called back after about 10 min. My daughter had ingrown toenail surgery the doc was as gentle as to be expected. We really appreciate the level of care received here. We go back next month for them to fix the other toe.

    ~ Siobhan V

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  • Was extremely impressed with how professional and pleasing the office and staff were. The decor is beautiful and gives a very calming feel to the office setting. The staff are very friendly and Dr. Freels didn’t beat around the bush. Within minutes figured out I had a broken foot and had me set up with laser therapy and a boot. I had been walking around for months on a hurt foot not even knowing what I had done

    After a week in the boot and laser therapy.. I feel 100% better. Still have many weeks in the boot but it is definitely worth it!!

    Would definitely recommend this practice!!! They are amazing!!!

    Would like to add to this review.....went for my follow up today and saw Megann....she was so helpful and took her time explaining about how to wear my new air cast. Still think this practice does an amazing job with their patients!!

    ~ Sharon T

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  • I had been having issues with my feet for a year, then I went too Lexington Podiatry , from the very first moment, I walked threw the door, I was greeted with a warm welcome, from the staff, witch, answered alot of my questions, I am a true believer that great service starts at a business front door. Oh, by the way the Doctors are awesome as well , I would say to anyone that is need of there services, set up a appointment, you will not be disappointed...

    ~ Timothy M

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  • I have never been to a podiatrist that is so on top of things and so knowledgeable! I went to get a shot, drove over 3 hours round trip and even though I couldn’t get one because I’m having an MRI next week they came up with putting me in a soft cast with a boot and I’m able to walk now without pain! Believe me it’s worth the drive and I wouldn’t go anywhere else! I love Dr.Amy!

    ~ Kathu S

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  • Staff was super welcoming, friendly and patient. Dr Freels was also super patient and friendly. Took the time needed to listen to every detail of my symptoms instead of trying to just make a rash diagnosis. Loved her!!

    ~ Lisa Y

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  • Great experience from the time we walked in the door. Staff was all pleasant and helpful! Dr. Barko was compassionate, honest and gave me hope! Highly recommend!

    Now on my 3rd visit! Consistent great experience!

    ~ Deanna S

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  • A wonderful practice that is very clean and professional. So friendly and so kind. I have the best podiatrist that I’ve ever had in my life and the care that they give you is unforgettable. My physician is certainly one of the best in her field.

    Every member of the staff is professional and easy to communicate with. I always feel like I am in good hands when I am assisted by this practice.

    Dr. Barko is the finest physician one could ever have and her kind sweet spirit is always available. The best podiatrist in Lexington Kentucky.

    ~ Michael C

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  • I would recommend Lexington Podiatry to everyone. Staff that I came in contact with were professional and very knowledgeable. I went there for a second opinion and the diagnosis was different and I was told that I needed insoles for my fallen arches. Omg! After wearing them for just a couple of days I could tell a big difference. Thank you so much to Dr. Barko and Amanda for getting me together.

    ~ Michelle B

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  • Kind, thorough and skilled people. Dr Freels has been my podiatrist for years. I've met other team members in thst time, too. I highly recommend all the providers in the practice. They're all fantastic.

    ~ Gretchen B

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  • The office was clean and efficient- spa- like! Staff was professional and kind. This appointment was for my mother and she was concerned about pain- she had no pain! She is eager to continue foot care at this office!

    ~ Tamara H

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  • The staff and doctors at Lexington Podiatry have all been super-friendly and put you at ease. The office environment is very relaxed while also being highly professional.

    ~ David B

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  • I would recommend this practice. It was clean and pleasant and everything is done on site, including X-rays in my case. Dr Freels is very knowledgeable and I enjoyed my visit. She did an injection in my foot and recommended other services for my future treatment.

    ~ Sherry B

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  • What a great experience. My family physician diagnosed my condition without testing. So the doctor tested before going any further. She also told me about all the possible treatments, as her assist was already looking up my insurance and giving me what it would cost me out of pocket. That has NEVER happened at any other office. THANK YOU!!!

    The doctor recommended b-complex, which I was already taking. The assist immediately began writing down the key elements that my vitamins should include. They actually cared for me physically and financially. WHAT A CONCEPT!!! What a wealth of knowledge. What a holistic experience. I wish all doctor's appointments were as thorough and pleasant. I highly recommend!!!

    ~ Rosanne H

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  • My experience at Lexington Podiatry was nothing but great! I saw Dr. Barko and she was so sweet and kind. All of the staff is happy and helpful. The office itself is beautiful and spotless. There was even an incident where blood got all over my shoe and Dr. Barko and medical assistant took the time to clean it for me. I have never seen a doctor so involved and kind. Would definitely recommend!

    ~ Lauren M

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  • Amazing!!!! Wish I had visited them long before! Dr. Carter and staff are kind and efficient making my visit quick and thorough. Oh and my foot feels 90% better after one visit!

    ~ Dana H

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  • The staff from beginning to end were top notch. Most professional yet personable . Dr. Carter is simply the best. She has the small town courtesy in a large town setting . Made my experience going to the dr most pleasant.

    ~ Bill A

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  • Dr. Freels was wonderful as were the other members of her team. Dr. Freels was very professional and knowledgeable of my foot condition. However, only time will tell if her methodology helps heal my foot. But so far so good! Excellent first visit!

    ~ Tracey S

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  • Never felt a thing during procedure, after nerve block wore off hurt like HECK. But managed just used extra pain meds already prescribed will explain extra use. Then woke middle of night and Ace almost off, Velcro and blanket in love.. put my son's tube sock on rewrapped foot and doing fine now, no more Ace strip downs.. but considering having a toe removed.. my biggest issue is going to miss flip flops.They did great. :+(

    ~ Teresa V

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  • Dr Freels is great, she is obviously a very busy doctor but always makes me feel like I am the most important patient she has. I trust her completely with my care. Amanda is awesome!! She is kind, helpful, informative and extremely knowledgeable. I request her every time I come in and always leave feeling like I’ve had the best care possible.

    ~ Stefani M

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  • Took my nephew to an appointment here. It was a great place. The staff is great! We were in and out in a reasonable amount of time. Highly recommended.

    ~ Jonelle S

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  • Angelica went over everything throughly, which was so very helpful. Very friendly and lots of beautiful smiles! I’m excited about my treatment and care from Dr. Freels and her staff!!

    ~ Victoria S

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  • I actually just recommended Dr Amy Barko to a friend on Facebook. I'm very pleased with the outcome of my visit each time I need to visit. From the time I arrive until I leave, each person I encounter is very professional and respectful. Dr Amy Barko is absolutely the sweetest professional. She is positive in her decisions and she has your best interest in mind with plan of care. Thank you to each of you. Happy New Yesr!

    ~ Linda F

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  • I have gone here for years when needed. Most of the Team are great and the Docs are top notch. Never had an issue till today. However, the man who answered the phone was very rude and was practicly talking to me like a child when I had to cancel same day. Even made the statement "you really should call us the day before but im sure you had your reasons." yes I do have my reason and it's none of your buisness. Reschedule me like I ask. Don't threaten me with a 50 dollar fee and then wave it to make it seem like your doing me a favor. He was just rude. Ridiculous

    ~ Tim H

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  • Amazing team. Low wait times. Support staff that take the time to talk you through EVERY step of a procedure. Clean. Efficient. Kind.

    ~ Lydia K

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  • I'm very thankful and blessed to have found Lexington Podiatry! Dr. Carter and the whole team are amazing! I highly recommend anyone to come here if you have the need! Thank you all so much!!!!

    ~ Donny H

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  • I have been going to Amy Barko for a long time now, I had some serious issues with not getting the correct care at a different place. This fantastic doctor has saved my life. I can walk, I can stand for along time and she always treats me with care. Best care I have ever had from any doctor. Thank you for helping me

    ~ Amanda O

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  • This practice is doing things right! The doctors and staff are top notch. They are very thorough with reviewing and addressing your health issues. They are also great and being informative for the community through their Instagram and Facebook (etc.) Social media presence. You can truly care They are patient centered despite being such a busy practice, unfortunately this is hard to find these days. KUDOS TO YOU LexPod, start wearing your capes now because you truly are heroes.

    ~ Stacey E

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  • I was terrified at first but let me just say Dr. Freels is the best!!! My injection was done and I didn't even know she did it.

    ~ Penny B

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  • I was so nervous to have an ingrown toenail fixed, but the staff and doctors we're so caring and empathetic. They went above and beyond. This is the the place to go for any foot care needs.

    ~ Jessica W

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  • my toes were curling under from nerve damage from previous back surgery. Lexington Podiatry has fixed me so perfectly. love this place!!! THANK YOU

    ~ Sue Y

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  • They were wonderful from Chek in to check out! They jumped thru hoops to get my procedure preauthorized, saving me money. Everyone interested office made me feel likei was their only patient!! Recommend to anyone!!

    ~ Elaine L

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  • I was a new patient in the summer and have have a couple follow up appointments. I've seen three of the doctors in the office and all of them are wonderful. Very patient and helpful. I've recommended this office to two fellow coworkers with foot issues very satisfied


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  • I chose Lexington Podiatry for treatment of ingrown toenails, because family recommended Dr. Freels and a number of friends are patients there. Unfortunately, I was disappointed with my treatment.

    First, I was surprised that the dr wanted to get X-rays of my feet prior to even talking with me, and for ingrown toenails?? Then, the nurse proceeded to sell me everything recommended for the procedure: bandages, shoes, etc. Again, I hadn't even seen Dr. Freels at this point and unsure of what procedure she would even recommend.

    Apparently, this is standard procedure at Lexington Podiatry, as another nurse confirmed that everyone who enters gets X-rays. So before even seeing Dr. Freels, I had spent over 400 dollars.

    Dr. Freels cheerfully came in and looked at my toes; and told the nurse to numb me, without even explaining the procedure. I needed more numbing medication as she began the procedure, so the nurse gave me more. I found it interesting that Dr. Freels told me if I couldn't stand the pain that she would have to operate in the hospital, and that would cost 4,000 dollars. So, I felt like I was going to have to endure the pain no matter. Later, Dr. Freels comes back and within 5 minutes, the procedure is finished. It did not hurt, and I was thankful.

    Two days later, I noticed black spots on my toes. I texted pics to the number they told me, but no one got back to me until almost at the end of the day, saying they could not receive texted photos. So, I emailed them. The next day, I was contacted about an appt for the following day.

    Dr. Freels told me that I was suffering from chemical burns from the procedure and told me to use zinc. I expressed concern that they seemed infected and asked for a test to confirm. She swabbed my toes and gave me a prescription for an antibiotic.

    About 3 days later, the office called to tell me I had an active MRSA infection. They gave me zero information, except to tell me to continue taking the antibiotic and to come back in a week.

    I was terrified and dutifully reported back to the office, this time, seeing Dr. Harliss. She proceeded to tell me she couldn't understand my lab results. According to her, I did NOT have an active MRSA infection. So, she called the lab, and they confirmed it. Thank goodness, Dr. Harliss was so conscientious!

    Almost a month later, my toes are getting back to normal. I canceled my last appt with them and asked for my X-rays to be sent a week ago...still waiting. Needless to say, I cannot, in good conscience, recommend them to anyone.

    ~ Starla L

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  • First time I have ever been to a foot doctor for myself. They were very kind. Talk me through what they were going to do for my toe and gave me some options. They were very gentle. I will definitely go back. I recommend them highly.

    ~ Peggy S

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  • I am a new patient and from start to finish everyone was very friendly and helpful through the process. My doctor was great as well as her technician. Pleasant and thorough.

    ~ Susie C

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  • I did some research into which podiatrist to go to and someone told me to check out this place. I called and got in pretty quickly and what a great experience! Dr Freels was so thorough and gentle and very sweet and kind!!!! I will never go anywhere else! The entire staff was wonderful!!!!

    ~ Diane R

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  • I am very happy with Lexington Podiatry. The staff is very friendly and they see their patients in a very timely manner. I was very discouraged when I made an appointment with them after battling plantar fascitis for over a year, but Dr. Freels has given me hope and wonderful care. After only 2 visits with her and I am finally seeing results and decrease in my pain. She is very pleasant and competent. You can text them and they get back to you very quickly. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this group!!!!!

    ~ Patricia S

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  • I was already a big fan of this group but walking into their remodeled lobby was so calming and relaxing. All employees displayed great care and concern for all patients. They offer hot tea, coffee, soft drinks and bottled water. They even tell you why examine rooms are kept at low temperatures and blankets are available if you need one. Dr Barko is by far one of the easiest medical professionals to talk to. She discusses her diagnosis in a simple easy to follow explanation and encourages questions for better understanding. If you need the services of a Podiatrist, make an appointment with one of their four doctors. You'll be glad you did.

    ~ Wanda D

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  • They severely misdiagnosed me by making assumptions without performing many tests, and thus I was not given the correct treatment (which worsened my condition).

    ~ Miranda H

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  • My First visit to Lexington Podiatry was a wonderful experience! They treat you like a real person. Everything was well explained. And they didn't push me to make repeated visits. Everything was taken care of today. I don't write many reviews, but I was so impressed today that I had to write it down.

    ~ Larry L

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  • Is it possible to find better care - NOPE! Hannah, Victoria, Tara, Breanna and last but not least CHELSEA did a fabulous job of tending to my needs as a patient all while embracing the friendly atmosphere. Dr. Carter was wonderful as always. I truly can't say enough great things about the staff who make up the Lexington Podiatry experience.

    ~ Kristy L

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  • The staff is amazing , kind and very helpful!! Dr Barko removed a toenails, it went perfect. She was so gentle and kind, answered all my questions, put me at ease !! They are just excellent!!!

    ~ Betty W

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  • I love everything about this office! everyone here truly cares about you, I felt so taken care of and I learned so much about how to help my feet!! people need to take better care of their feet!! do yourself a favor and come let them help you solve your foot pains and aches! worth every penny!!

    ~ Jessica W

    Source: Facebook Reviews

  • I cannot describe how excited I was to have an appointment scheduled with Dr. Freels. After being in pain since March I couldn't wait! I absolutely had THE BEST experience ever at a physician's office. The office itself is gorgeous! Even smelled very relaxing. Even while scheduling my appointment, Lori helped answer all of my questions. Thank you Lori!!! The staff look great in their matching scrubs. The physicians have left no stone unturned with the planning of technology and their EMR. Even the monitors used displayed my x-rays in hi-def. Crystal clear!!! Dr. Freels came along and shook my hand and introduced herself. She not only explained to me what was going on but she educated me on how to fix the problems and how we were going to do this together. I love her YouTube channel and the down to earth real life information she shares. During my appointment she explained everything in detail and most importantly, she listened to me and what I've been dealing with. After having a not so good first experience at another podiatrists office, working with her was such a relief and now I have hope and a clear plan of action. I look forward to working with her through this process! Great work Lexington Podiatry!! I have bragged about you all all day today. I highly recommend!!

    ~ Karen K

    Source: Facebook Reviews

  • Well, I had put off a podiatry appointment much to long, never like going to new Drs and clinics. But, so glad i picked Lexington Podiatry, this clinic should be an example to all. These professionals do it right from the comfort menu, the super friendly staff, the respect to talk and listen to you, and then the quality care. After just one visit I intend to continue with Dr. Freels as my podiatrist. Recommended, I give them 10 stars !!!

    ~ Susan M

    Source: Facebook Reviews

  • I have been going to Lexington Podiatry since May of last year... I wouldn't have changed a thing! Dr. Jamie Carter is super, and Dr. Amy Barko, well, she is just amazing! My journey with them has been one of the best experiences I have had with a medical/surgical team... and I've had more than my share! Your entire staff is pleasant, and extremely helpful (and very courteous) I would AND DO recommend you to everyone and anyone I think may need your services!

    ~ Tina B

    Source: Facebook Reviews

  • Dr Freel performed a procedure for an ingrown toenail today. She was amazingly compassionate and it was so quick! I wish now I hadn't waited so long to have this done. I'm not even dreading my follow up visit

    ~ Valerie C

    Source: Facebook Reviews

  • Had my first appointment today with Dr. Freels and she was great, explained everything very well and laid out a clear treatment plan. The CMA Victoria who helped as well was amazing!

    ~ Jackie M

    Source: Facebook Reviews

  • Wonderful people. I have been going here for years for plantar fasciitis. Today I had an ingrown toenail fixed. I was nervous but I didn't feel a thing. Everyone is so nice.

    I didn't want to look so the nurse gave me this cute cyclops mask that her son made.

    ~ Stephanie T

    Source: Facebook Reviews

  • Dr. Barko has been the best! Hands down! My husband and I have been very impressed and will not go to another Podiatrist practice as long as this one is open! The staff is very nice and willing to answer any and all questions as well. Highly recommend!

    ~ Mallory H

    Source: Facebook Reviews

  • from the start at the reception desk to finishing up at checkout everything in between nothing but top-notch service I would recommend this to anyone who needs a Podiatry appointment. The staff was professional kind helpful and very conscious of the needs of their patients it was a very busy office with lots of hustle and bustle going on behind the waiting room doors and nothing but wonderful service did I find! Thank you Lexington Podiatry!!

    ~ Tracy J

    Source: Facebook Reviews

  • I had a ingrown toenail. they took it out no prob and it didn't hurt a bit. Even sent me a little note card later with wishes my toe doing better. Great place Kind Doctors

    ~ Connie J

    Source: Facebook Reviews

  • I had a great experience with Lexington Podiatry! Everyone was very professional. Thank you all so much for everything.

    ~ Kayla H

    Source: Facebook Reviews

  • Dr. Barko and her staff are amazing! Not only did she resolve the immediate issue for which I scheduled the appointment, she recognized that I had chronic pain due to unrelated problems and took the extra time to address those during the same visit. I couldn't be happier with my experience at Lexington Podiatry. Everyone was very friendly, compassionate and helpful from the second I walked in the door. My only regret is that I didn't go sooner!

    ~ Angela

    Source: Healthgrades Reviews

  • My daughter had an infected ingrown toenail. We went to another podiatrist in town 3 mo ago and the problem persisted. Dr. Carter was VERY proactive and took care of the problem the same day so that my daughter could start healing. Dr. Carter was very caring, patient, and put my daughter at ease. I would HIGHLY recommend her services.

    ~ Sarah E

    Source: Healthgrades Reviews

  • She's very friendly and compassionate about people and is willing to accommodate them in the best ways she can

    ~ Tina C

    Source: Healthgrades Reviews

  • So glad I choose Dr Amy Barko to correct a bunionectomy gone badly wrong performed by a surgeon NOT affiliated with Lexington Podiatry. Dr. Barko has been a Godsend after months of pain. She is a very knowledgeable, skilled surgeon, and so easy to talk to. She will assess, study and research your situation and come up with the least invasive course of action to treat your situation. Highly recommend. Love, love, love her!

    ~ Barbara W

    Source: Healthgrades Reviews

  • I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Carter and her medical assistant. I had let a previous experience prevent me from scheduling a much needed ingrown toenail surgery. I was beyond anxious. Dr. Carter and her assistant were amazing. There was very little discomfort and the experience was 100% better than last time I had the procedure. I would recommend Dr. Carter highly. I won't put off further issues due to anxiety.

    ~ Htabell

    Source: Healthgrades Reviews

  • Listen... this doctor changed life for my wife. We had been to 3 doctors including a supposed nationally renowned rheumatologist who was a total flop. This amazing lady properly diagnosed and treated my precious wife and our her on the path to total pain free walking. We consider her a blessing.

    ~ Kayjay

    Source: Healthgrades Reviews

  • This office has changed my life as well as my husband. We are so happy that we made the decision to come to this office. I have been treated by both Dr Carter and Dr Barko and I will never go anywhere else for my feet. We spent years trying to find a close to the door place to part because my husband suffered with foot pain. Now we do not have to do that. I love this office and all the staff. You will not find a better office anywhere.

    ~ Vikki B

    Source: Healthgrades Reviews

  • Dr Barko is awesome and very caring. She made me feel very comfortable and you can tell she truly cares about her patients. I would definitely recommend her.

    ~ Cindy

    Source: Healthgrades Reviews

  • From the new patient paperwork process to the quality of care, Lexington Podiatry and Dr. Carter made the treatment for my injured ankle enjoyable and informative. Having suffered a similar injury in my other ankle, I was familiar with the basics of the treatment process but the quality of the time spent on patient care, explaining the short-term and long-term treatment, and getting me back on my feet (literally) was excellent with Dr. Carter as compared to my previous experience.

    Source: Healthgrades Reviews

  • She was great. She and Christina were super sweet to my son (patient) and my other 2 kids. She communicated very clear and gave options. The best was when she told me what she would do with her own kid, so very trustfull. I really will recomend her.

    ~ Marta

    Source: Healthgrades Reviews

  • Excellent care provided by Dr Carter and her support staff, Tara and Christina!!!!

    ~ Bob M

    Source: Healthgrades Reviews

  • I came all the way from London to see her. She is a wonderful podiatrist. I know when I see her she will take care of my problem. I am already feeling so much better. She is prompt, polite and knowledgeable. Do not waste your time on someone else. You will not find anyone better

    ~ Brenda P

    Source: Healthgrades Reviews

  • I will definitely recommend this practice and Dr.! Very professional and knowledgeable! Dr. Carter was very pleasant and painless which ever doctor should be. LOL

    ~ Jenny I

    Source: Healthgrades Reviews

  • Excellent experience! Dr. Barko listened to me, spent time talking/explaining things to me, and she was very personable! I would definitely recommend!

    Source: Healthgrades Reviews

  • Dec. 12 visit was to discuss having my a bunion removed from my right foot. Dr. Barko explained the procedure thoroughly. She pushed shoe inserts which they sell. I rarely wear athlete shoes which is the only suitable shoe for inserts. I got the custom dress shoe set that cost $ 180.00. I immediately went to a shoe store to try different shoes that would work. The inserts is a waste of money but I could return them as a credit for surgery. The office has not call back with a appointment time

    Source: Healthgrades Reviews

  • Every appointment experience was absolutely amazing and wonderful, from the time you walk through the door, I will recommend this office to all of my friends and family, I just love Dr. Barko

    ~ Lee R

    Source: Healthgrades Reviews

  • Dr. Carter is awesome she listens and genuinely cares about what your going through and strives for solutions to get you out of pain and back on your feet. i would and have recommended dr. carter & lexington podiatry to several friends. the atmosphere is great, facilities are very nice and well kept.

    ~ James P

    Source: Healthgrades Reviews

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