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Shoes for Graduation

Graduating from college is a huge accomplishment we all want to look our best for the ceremony. For many of us, that means picking out a new outfit and a pair of shoes that will help us celebrate this momentous occasion. Are you looking for something special to wear for a loved one’s graduation day? Here are a few suggestions that will have you looking your best while keeping your feet pain-free!


Avoid stiletto heels

The first thing I recommend is avoiding a stiletto heel. I know, I know. That stiletto heel will look great with your dress and graduation gown, but you must resist. High heels can cause foot problems such as calluses or neuromas, which can leave you in a lot of pain. Foot pain would put a real damper on all of the graduation celebrations.


Chunky Heels Are Your Friend

I recommend wearing shoes with a lower and chunkier heel. The decreased height of the shoe will reduce stress on your toes and the balls of your feet. A chunky heel will also provide more support and stability (and less chance of falling when walking across the stage!).

A wedge is a good option too. It doesn’t have to be a tall wedge either. I recommend checking out Tops For Shoes website and looking at shoes like the Steve Madden Irenee, Pelle Moda Krisa, or similar styles.


Dillard’s has a wide selection of styles and colors as well, so you are sure to find a shoe to match your outfit no matter what!


Pack an Extra Pair of Shoes

If you absolutely have to wear high heels to complete your outfit, I recommend carrying a second pair of shoes with you in a large purse. This second pair of shoes would be used for walking from the car to your destination. Upon arrival, you can change into your heels and enjoy the ceremony.


ALWAYS Have an Ankle Strap

No matter what style of shoe you choose, be sure they have a strap that goes around your ankle. This will provide your ankle with stability and make the shoes much easier to keep on.


So, congratulations to all the graduates! We hope you have a great day and enjoy your special moment. And as for finding the perfect shoes for the occasion– we’ve got you covered.

If you find yourself in pain post-graduation celebration, please don’t hesitate to give call us at 859-264-1141 or schedule an appointment online to get your feet back in tip-top shape!