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  • Tight Shoes and Foot Problems: A Complete Guide

    Tight Shoes and Foot Problems: A Complete Guide

    We've all been there before. You buy a new pair of shoes that you absolutely love, but after wearing them for a few hours your feet start to hurt. So what's the deal? Why do our shoes have to be so tight in the first place? And more importantly, how can we avoid foot problems caused by tight shoes? If you're curious to find out the answers to these questions, then be sure to read on!

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  • Smelly, Sweaty Feet Prevention

    Smelly, Sweaty Feet Prevention

    When it's hot out, our feet sweat. And when our feet sweat, they can start to stink. Our skin is designed to cool the body by sweating, which is just water evaporating and taking some of the heat with it. But when our feet sweat, bacteria and fungi will throw a party in your shoes.

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  • Shoes for Graduation

    Shoes for Graduation

    It's graduation season, which means it's time to buy new shoes. Learn about the features you should look for in your shoes and where to find them at a reasonable price!

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  • What Is My Shoe Size?

    What Is My Shoe Size?

    One of the most common questions that patients ask is “What size shoe do I wear?”. Many people are concerned that they are in the wrong shoe size and rightfully so. Wearing the wrong shoe size can cause more harm than people realize. If your shoes are too small, it causes pain and if your shoes are too big, you are at risk for falling. Here are our recommendations to ensure that you are buying the right size:

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  • Tips for Indoor Cycling

    Tips for Indoor Cycling

    Many people want to incorporate some form of cardio into their workout routine, but running can be unforgiving. Foot pain, knee pain, and ankle sprains are all common problems in runners.

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  • Reaching Your New Year Goals

    Reaching Your New Year Goals

    Many people, myself included, want to live healthier and more active lifestyles. Exercise is often the first step towards this goal, but many people end up in my exam chair with injuries. Since exercise is such popular New Year’s Resolution, as well as something that is important in my life, I find it imperative to discuss ways to prevent injury while exercising. Here are a few simple tips to help keep you moving so you can meet your goals.

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  • Dreaming of the Beach

    Dreaming of the Beach

    With all of the snow and ice we’ve had lately, it is really making me wish I was at the beach. What I wouldn’t give to be soaking up the Florida sun, running across the beach in a state of pure bliss like they do in the movies.

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  • Why do our feet swell up in the heat? What can we do about it?

    Why do our feet swell up in the heat? What can we do about it?

    It’s a phenomenon that many of us are familiar with: you’re pulling on your flip flops while enjoying a day of relaxation in the summer sun, and you have to struggle to get them on; it seems like your feet are bigger than usual. Is it your imagination? No, it isn’t – it is estimated that as many as half of all Americans have experienced this problem, and there are very specific biological reasons for why it happens.

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  • To birk or not to birk? That is the question of the summer!

    To birk or not to birk? That is the question of the summer!

    Birkenstocks have made a comeback in the past few years, and we’ve been seeing them everywhere this summer! So many people absolutely rave about this shoe, but are they podiatrist approved? The short answer is sometimes. Like any shoe, there are pros and cons to Birkenstocks, so keep reading and we’ll break it down for you!

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  • Pedicures don’t Just keep the Diabetic Toes Pretty

    Pedicures don’t Just keep the Diabetic Toes Pretty

    Vohra Wound Physicians is a physician group providing wound care management consulting solutions and services in post-acute care facilities

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