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Does your child suffer from lower extremity pain?

Typically you’ll notice your child not wanting to participate in activities that require them to run and jump.This is a huge red flag and we recommend that you have your child evaluated at once.

It is possible that your child may have what is called pes planus or “flat feet”. Researchers are in agreement that about 15-20% of children suffering from foot/lower extremity pain is the result of flat feet.

Force is generated by your body through the ground to allow your body to move. Appropriate foot support and function is important in order to absorb and generate force to enable you to move. Thus, it is extremely important that your foot has appropriate suppleness and support to ensure your body moves efficiently and effectively. This will allow your child to run, jump and play pain-free.

This is similar to the alignment of your wheels and tires on your car to ensure your car moves in a straight line. If they are not aligned correctly, abnormal wear on your tires occurs.

Your feet are the same way as force from the feet are dissipated and transferred through your ankles, knees, and hips. Look at the bottom of your child’s shoes to observe tread wear patterns just like tires on your car.

Children do not generally develop any form of an arch until around age 7. Until this age, it is important to identify and correct any foot abnormalities especially if your child is experiencing any lower extremity pain.

Podiatrists, such as Dr. Freels, are the practitioners of choice when treating common foot problems such as flat feet. Orthotics are commonly prescribed to place the foot in an optimal position. In addition, she works hand-in-hand with Elise Watson, a physical therapist that specializes in treating children.

The combination of orthotics and a great physical therapist is the perfect combination to get your child back on their feet. This can save your child from chronic joint pain and suffering as they age while allowing them to be active and involved in sports without pain.

Make an appointment with Dr. Freels today if your child is experiencing joint pain or stiffness. Lexington Podiatry has a special ‘out growth’ policy for children to help cover expenses incurred due to orthotics as your child continues to grow.

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