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Kentucky looks forward to the first Saturday in May because it can only mean one thing…The Derby.

Yeah, it’s the most exciting two minutes in sports, but let’s be honest, it’s really about the Derby hats

Hey! Eyes up here.

Not only is the Derby practically a state holiday, but many women plan all spring for this race so that they can showcase the latest fashions and accessories.

We have a challenge for you this year, ladies.

Instead of struggling to survive in those six-inch pumps, forgo them for a more comfortable pair of shoes. Think about it. If you’ve got a fabulous, show-stopping hat, who’s really looking at your shoes??

We can’t stress enough how important it is to wear more practical shoes in a place like the Derby, where you’re walking in grass, cobblestone sidewalks and up and down bleachers is commonplace. Not to mention the unlimited mint juleps everyone is sipping on all weekend. Even if YOU ARE steady on your heels, there’s no telling how often young Derby newbies will be knocking into you.

Remember, practical shoes don’t have to mean ugly.

“Just be smart about it.”

Do you really want to risk spending your summer in a cast because you broke your ankle at the Derby? Good story? Maybe. Sure, someday you’ll laugh about it. Just not when your friends are all at the pool and you’re trying to keep your cast dry…

Derby Day Shoe Tips

  • Go for the lower heel every time.
  • Wedges are a great replacement for pumps.
  • Avoid consuming too much alcohol so as to maintain balance.
  • Pack Band-Aids and Blister Block in your purse.
  • Bring a pair of flats with you. Just in case!
  • Is your ticket for the infield? Don’t. Wear. Heels. Just….don’t.

Post Derby Tips

Soak your feet in some scented Epsom salts and warm water when you return home from the weekend. It’s a good idea to get yourself on the books for a soothing pedicure and leg massage.

If you’re feet are more than just fatigued, make an online appointment or call 859-264-1141. The week after Derby, it’s a pretty common site to see women with mangled, bloodied feet, stress fractures, rolled ankles and ingrown and bruised toenails lamenting their shoe choice.

There’s nothing stylish about that. Remember ladies; it’s all about the hat. Nobody’s going to be looking at your shoes!