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  • How To Treat Arthritis

    How To Treat Arthritis

    Is it fall yet? It sure feels like it in my house. Every morning I wake up stiff and achy, and the pain only seems to get worse as the days get shorter. Yep, it must be arthritis season again! As the cooler months approach, many of us are looking forward to cozy fires, hot drinks, and time spent indoors. But for those of us with arthritis, the change in temperature can bring on painful flares.

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  • Is that a rash on your foot?

    Did you know that your feet are one of the most common areas to develop skin rashes?

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  • Gout- a super hot topic!

    When we think of gout, we often immediately assume that it is something that only our grandparents or the elderly get, that it will never happen to us! Truth be told, gout is more common in your forties and fifties, and it occurs more in males.

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