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Be Cautious Of The Bacteria Your Shoes Carry

Whether you like it or not, bacteria is everywhere and usually in massive numbers.
It’s important to understand what the biggest transporters of bacteria are, as well learning to take measures to prevent acquiring and spreading bacteria.

Some of the biggest transporters of bacteria are feet and footwear.

Let that sink in.

This has been proven through multiple studies, such as the one conducted by microbiologist and professor at the University of Arizona Dr. Charles Gerba and shoemaker Rockport.

For this study, 10 people were given a brand new pair of shoes to wear for two weeks before having them tested for bacteria. The results were astonishing.

After the two weeks, more than 420,000 units of bacteria were found on the outside of the test shoes. Shockingly, deadly E. Coli, Klebssiella pneumonia, and Serratia filcaria were detected among the bacteria.

Mr. Rogers Showed Us What To Do

Dr. Freels is always telling you to WEAR shoes in your house, so what gives??

Yes, you should still be wearing shoes in your home to protect your feet and be kind to your arches. However, you should take a cue from Mr. Rogers. Yes, THE Mr. Rogers.

When you come into the home, leave your outdoor shoes at the door and slip into supportive house shoes, podiatrist-approved flip flops or indoor sneakers.

“Our study also indicated that bacteria can be tracked by shoes over a long distance into your home or personal space after the shoes were contaminated with bacteria,” Gerba said.


As the study also noted, 90-99% of bacteria found on the exterior of the shoes was transmitted to hard tile and carpet. It is especially important to be cautious of this when traveling and going through areas such as the security check at airports.

Hundreds of thousands of people go through those areas every day and surely pass and pick up bacteria as they take their shoes on and off. Heck, maybe these Skindels will be available soon! Sounds perfect for airports and yoga class.

What Can You Do?

Germs can be picked up by bare feet, hands and knees and be transported anywhere as well. In order to remove bacteria and prevent illness, it is imperative to clean your shoes after traveling through public areas. Shoe cleaning, along with frequent vacuuming and mopping can help eliminate more than 90% of germs. Wash your feet with an antibacterial soap, such as Doc Kelly’s Apothecary Two-In-One Loofah Sponge Soap or their Sea Salt Soap.

Another great way to zap the bacteria and eliminate growth is with the Sterishoe Shoe Sanitizer. The two UV inserts slip inside your shoes and are clinically proven to kill 99.9% of the bacteria that causes fungus, foot odor, athlete’s foot and infections.

If you DO pick up a funky rash or have itching or burning feet, don’t wait to be evaluated. Call us at 859-264-1141 or make an online appointment today. Sterishoe Shoe Sanitizer and the Doc Kelly’s Apothecary skin care line are conveniently offered at our office for purchase.