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If you’ve been wearing your orthotics for years without an adjustment, your orthotics probably aren’t supporting you the same way that they once did.

Just like with eyeglasses, you need to regularly check your prescription, because our bodies change as we age.

We can count on our eyes getting weaker and we can count on our feet, knees, hips and back to break down slowly over time as well.

The good news is, you can be proactive. You can prevent a lot of wear and tear on your body by keeping your orthotic prescription up-to-date.

The evaluation is easy and painless.

Are Orthotics Expensive?

This answer will be different for everyone, in the same way that price is relative for everyone. I’ll tell you that custom-casted orthotics are not a cheap imitation or marketing gimmick. They are a medical device that is custom-casted to you and only you. They are unique to each individual foot in the same way that your feet are not identical to each other.

[su_box title=THINK ABOUT IT]Have you ever stopped to think about how the over-the-counter insoles that you can buy right off the shelf are sometimes marketed as ‘custom?’ If they are the same on both feet, there is nothing custom about them.[/su_box]

Remember, insurance usually covers up to a pair per year, depending on diagnosis. If your deductible hasn’t been met, there will be an expense there. There is no sugar coating that. Everyone’s plan is different, but we’re happy to help you navigate your insurance plan and check your benefits. We get it – it’s confusing.

Keep in mind, you are paying for the experience, education that comes with a specialist that is devoted to your foot health, in addition to the orthotic.

If you’re price shopping for deep discounts, you’re not going to have 12 years of education and many years of patient experience behind the decision. What you do or don’t do with your feet does have consequences in the long and short term in the same way that not brushing your teeth regularly now will result in future cavities.

Yes, some will dodge that outcome, but most can bet that they’ll have some sort of an issue crop up, so they brush their teeth to prevent the tooth decay.

Will The Evaluation Take A Long Time?

Absolutely not. We know you’re busy, so we won’t waste your time.

The doctor will listen to your concerns first because there are many factors at play.

You may have old issues that you have overcome that you want to keep at bay. You may have new ailments that have cropped up. Your activity level or weight has changed or your job is a new one. You may have different needs now and need a new orthotic or you may just need to have them recovered or adjusted. You may need nothing at all besides some advice on shoe gear, different socks and general counsel.

If you do need to be re-casted because your prescripton has changed, this can happen the same day to save you the hassle of a return visit for casting. If preventative maintenance is part of your wellness strategy, it’s time for an orthotic check up.

If you think you’re due for an orthotic checkup, call the office and chat with our reception team if you have insurance questions. They’re happy to help. You can also make an online appointment at anytime.