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Hooray! The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey will be in theaters soon and this makes me happy for many reasons. One reason is that my dear husband will stop making me watch the trailer.

(I get it. You’re excited. It’s been a long time since The Lord of the Ring series, and yes, I’ll go watch it on the first day with you. IF you go watch The Great Gatsby with me when it comes out!)

We all know that Hobbits are short in stature and boast excessive foot and toe hair on some fairly large feet. Do you have similarly hairy feet? Well good! Let’s be proud of that. WHY?

Because hair on your feet is a sign of good circulation.

Aha! So you’ve been shaving that knuckle on your big toe for nothing? That’s right. It’s a badge of good health. Flaunt it.

Now ladies, I understand that you may not want an inch of toe knuckle hair gleaming in the sun while you’re at the beach, but don’t downplay what that noble knuckle hair is telling you.

Hairless feet CAN be a sign of poor circulation relating to many things, but foot hair loss is most commonly connected with vascular disease. You see, “when the heart loses the ability to pump enough blood to the extremities because of arteriosclerosis (commonly known as hardening of the arteries), the body has to prioritize its use. (”

Now, if your feet have always been hairless, don’t be alarmed. They make socks for you that mimic the fashion forward Hobbit feet.

However, if you’ve experienced noticeable hair loss, then check to see if you can feel a pulse on the inside of your ankle. If it’s hard to find, that could be symptomatic. In addition, shiny feet or feet that turn red when you stand on them and are immediately pale when you elevate them can also be indicators of poor circulation.

Many people are aware that they have heart disease or carotid artery but don’t realize that poor circulation can go hand-in-hand (or hand-in-foot) with their diagnosis.


If you’re concerned that you may have poor circulation, call and make an appointment (859-264-1141) and let’s take a look at those feet.