Accessibility Tools

1. House Slippers

Did you know that Australians created them with the sole intention of being worn inside? These big, high-priced clompers were never supposed to see the light of day, let alone be paired with your tights and winter jumper. There’s a reason you look like you’re in your slippers…you are!

2. Smelly

Yes, the box clearly states they can be worn without socks, but eventually they can build up a considerable amount of noxious smells.

Although the shearling claims to be moisture wicking, anyone who has worn them will attest that they can make your feet sweaty and damp – we KNOW what this leads to. Foot fungus.

3. Dirty

They tend to look grungy almost immediately because they are NOT weatherproof. They were never intended to be worn outside and when we Americans traipse around in the snow with them, they get wet and hang on to the dirt. There is nothing comforting about being outside in wet, soggy bacteria-laden boots.

4. Bad for Your Feet

There is NO support. Hear me – NONE. The sole of the boot is not supportive and can lead to tendon strains or fallen arches. If you slip on the ice, there is no support around your ankle from the loose boot as well.

5. Ugly

The high price tag should have steered you away in the first place, but it didn’t. Your argument that the celebs all wear them is invalid; because if we’ve learned anything from Hollywood, it’s that actors are not great examples. (I’m talking about you, Lindsey Lohan). And here’s one for you. News Flash: men do NOT think they are attractive.

So, chuck those UGGly boots this winter and invest in a pair that are comfy, warm, weatherproof and supportive. Trust me, your feet will thank you.

If you are uncertain about whether you may have fallen arches, foot fungus or just aching feet, please contact us.

Dr. Nicole G. Freels