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The Duchess Of Cambridge Reveals What’s Hiding Under Those Heels

Corns can be a royal pain. Just ask Kate Middleton. She knows what we’re talking about.

In the Duchess of Cambridge’s most recent trip to India, she removed her shoes in respect while visiting the site of Mahatma Gandhi’s death revealing some shocking imperfections on her feet. That’s right, even the royals struggle with poor foot conditions.

In addition to a forming corn on her pinky toe, the duchess also appeared to be suffering from deviated fourth and fifth toes towards the center of the foot, flat arches, and enlargement of the big toe joint. Ouch.

The culprit? High heels. Especially heels with a pointed toe that put added pressure on the toes and the ball of the foot. These conditions can be more than unsightly. They can also be painful. Low arches especially are known to cause pain in the foot, knees and ankles.

Daily Mail reports that podiatrist Charlotte Wood is concerned with the duchess’ big toe joint swelling because it resembles a condition known as hallux limitus. This condition can lead to arthritis and if it gets any worse, it could develop into hallux rigidus where the big toe joint loses all movement.

If you’re reading this Kate, ditch those pointed toed heels. Instead, opt for a pair that provides plenty of arch support and space in the toe box. To help with the stiffness caused from wearing heels, try performing regular foot exercises to stretch and strengthen the foot.

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