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Moms just know.

Choosing to remove a child’s toenail is not an easy one, but Mom had a feeling that it needed to go. And she was right.

Recently, a mother brought her son into the office because she feared his awkwardly-shaped toenail would not correct itself on it’s own. It was causing her son a lot of pain when he played sports.

What Was Wrong With The Nail?

The toenail was conical in shape and was growing OVER the toe and back INTO the skin. I can imagine that hurt like crazy, especially considering that this young man also was pretty competitive in soccer.

Cramped cleats and sport shoes can definitely do some damage and cause ingrown toenails. In this case, the nail was deformed from birth.

Mom said that she had always been the one to trim it, but it was easier when he was littler and the nail was softer. She was concerned because now the nail was causing him pain that was making his daily life and favorite activities painful.

Mom Did The Right Thing

If your son or daughter has pain in their feet, it’s not normal. Pain is your body’s way of telling you something’s wrong. In this young man’s case, it certainly would not have gotten better on it’s own and he is much better off without the deformed nail. He won’t even notice that it’s missing.

Plus, the procedure didn’t hurt at all. We make sure everyone is completely numbed up. He’s going to be back to playing pain-free soccer ASAP!

Watch For Clues

Kids may not always tell you out loud that there is something wrong. It may be a young child asking you to hold them all the time or saying that their feet are ‘tired.’ We know you want the best for your child and want to make sure nothing is standing in the way of their future success.

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