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Are Easter Treats Bad For Your Feet?

The holiday of Easter is a time for celebration, but it can also be challenging if you’re diabetic. The sheer abundance of sweetness in the air may lead to an unhealthy spike in blood sugar levels which could prove detrimental to your feet!

Too many sweets can lead to an unhealthy spike in blood sugar and elevated blood sugar levels can have a negative impact on foot health. It can cause nerve damage and make it difficult to heal wounds. However, it is possible to enjoy the holiday while still eating healthy. Here are some tips for staying on track:

  • Plan ahead. Decide what you will allow yourself to eat and stick to your plan.
  • Bring your own food with you to gatherings. This will help you avoid temptation.
  • Choose healthier Easter treats, such as fruit or nuts.
  • Drink plenty of water and avoid sugary drinks.

If you consume more sweets than you intended, don’t beat yourself up! It’s not healthy to deprive yourself either. This his how binging happens. It is okay to indulge in sweets every once in a while, just be mindful of how it can affect your health.

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