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This scorching hot weather means pool days, beach vacations and weekend get-a-ways at the lake.

This typically means time spent barefoot. A barefoot approach to summer could lead to an unpleasant summer.

Watch out for these
summer seasonal foot traps!

Pool Days

When it comes to community pools and changing facilities, it is important to remember to keep a pair of shoes handy to slip on and off at your convenience. Never enter an area barefoot.

When you go barefoot, you are risking toenail fungus and/or athlete’s foot. Direct skin-to-skin contact, walking barefoot on contaminated locker room floors, showering after or sharing shoes with someone who has Athlete’s foot is all it takes. Prevention is the key and it is simple and extremely cheap. Locker room and shower sandals can be purchased for next to nothing.

Travel Season

We often spend our vacations kicking back on a beach soaking up some vitamin C. If you’re anything like me, you love taking long walks up and down the beach while taking in the view. Prolonged walks while barefoot can do a number of things to a person’s feet.

When you’re walking on sand, you’re walking on a soft and unstable surface. This causes your feet and body to work harder than if you were walking on the pavement or level ground. It’s easy for your feet to become inflamed after taking a gentle stroll on the beach. If you plan on taking a nice long walk be sure you wear a supportive shoe. If you’re concerned about cramping your style check out these Vionic Sandals.

Ask anyone who has suffered from foot pain and they’ll tell you it ruins their entire day/week/month. Ask the same person if they want to go through that experience again once they have healed and they’ll tell you never again. The moral of the story is to take good care of your feet. Starting with supportive shoes/sandals is a good start. Don’t let painful feet ruin your summer fun!