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Heels that go up to a high heel height of 3 1/2 inches and down to a kitten heel of 1 1/2 with just a quick click, click? Sounds like a bargain for two-shoes-in-one, especially if you travel a lot or walk to work.

After watching the video, I may invest in a pair of these Camileon shoes.

Sometimes my patients are surprised that I wear high heels. They think that as a general rule, no upstanding podiatrist would dare wear them.

#1. It may sound mundane, but moderation is key.

I mainly wear shorter kitten heels, sophisticated flats or comfy wedges at work, but if I’m going to my favorite restaurant, I am just like many other woman. I like my heels. AND I like how I LOOK in my heels.

My experience does tend to sway me when I pick out my dressy heels – I still tend to go for shoes that will not be torture for the evening.

# 2. However, I do have a secret. I now wear Icon Orthotics in my high heels.

These are custom orthotics, casted and built after gait scan and evaluation. These are NOT the thick geriatric orthotics of the past. They are invisible to the eye in most of my shoes and make me stand up taller and straighter. (This is a definite bonus because one looks instantly trimmer with their stomach naturally pulled in and shoulders back).

We started casting patients for Icon custom orthotics this fall and have been very pleased with the response. Patients love them because they can wear them with multiple types of shoes (dress, exercise, everyday), they’re durable and cost effective.

If you’re interested in learning more about Icon Orthotics, call the office at 859.264.1141.