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Toenail dystrophy/yellow, discolored nails is commonly confused with fungal nails. Dystrophic nails can be discolored, deformed, thickened or changed in some way that does not look like the other nails. It is commonly confused with fungus due to the similarities in look. There are various causes of dystrophy including aging, trauma, pedicures, sports related injury. There is also no perfect treatment that works for every toenail. We strive to have the most cutting edge technology to help with this difficult diagnosis. With use of our laser system, topicals, shoe care, and sometimes even procedures, we believe that we have the best protocols to get the nails looking their healthiest.

At Home Treatment

1.  To reduce thick nails, minimize discolorations and erase away the yellow apply REPAIR.  The combination of urea, Clotrimazole and tea tree oil will significantly help.  Apply daily for best results.