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Tennis requires a lot of stopping, starting and changing direction, which has made it the headlining sponsor for a common sports injury called tennis toe. Frequent sudden changes in direction can lead to bleeding under the big toenail, which can be both painful and less than attractive.

Causes Of Tennis Toe

Not limited to just tennis, the condition is caused by the big toe and toenail being constantly jammed against the tip of the shoes. The blood is trapped under the toenail and places pressure on the nerves, which is what causes the pain.

When Should You Seek Treatment For Tennis Toe

If tennis toe is merely unattractive, there's really no need to treat it beyond taking steps to ensure it doesn't get worse. It's important to keep your toenails trimmed and wear shoes that will give your toes ample space. Shop at sporting good stores where the staff is trained to properly fit shoes for athletes. We can offer local recommendations if you need them.

Treatment For Tennis Toe

If the tennis toe is causing you pain, it's important to relieve the pressure from the pooled blood. We can drain the blood by pushing a small hypodermic needle through the toenail. It sounds a lot worse than it really is, but we promise, it won't hurt. We'll also recommend that you change your shoes and give your foot a rest so it can recover.

At Home Treatment

1. To ease the pain and reduce inflammation soak your feet daily in RELAX. The lemongrass will soothe aching joints and minimize down time.

2. After you've patted the area dry, apply our super potent CBD stick, SOOTHE. Or our CBD-FREE pain-relieving ointment, RECOVER. Both will offer a refreshing sensation while erasing away your pain.