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We see a great deal of plantar fasciitis in our practice and know this type of pain can keep you from enjoying your daily activities. If you have failed normal conservative care measures, the doctor may determine that you are a candidate for plantar fasciotomy.

About The Procedure

A plantar fasciotomy can be performed in one of two ways. We can do it endoscopically (meaning minimally invasively with a scope) or sometimes percutaneously. Percutaneously means that the procedure would be performed here in the office under local anesthetic. We use a minimally invasive blade and create a 2mm incision to release the insertion (or attachment) of the plantar fascia, relieving your pain.

Post-Op Care

Such a small incision means minimal stiches and no bulky dressing. You can expect to wear a walking boot to offload the area after the procedure. You will be in the boot for approximately 4 weeks. After that time, we transition patients back into normal shoes and activity.

This surgery has minimal down time and a high rate of success with alleviating pain. If you are interested in this procedure, please contact the office to schedule an appointment for a consultation.