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Have you ever experienced any burning, tingling, numbness or other “weird” sensations in your feet? If so, you may be experiencing peripheral neuropathy. Here at Lexington Podiatry we can perform minimally invasive test called an ENFD to confirm the diagnosis.

About The Procedure

This is a simple punch biopsy test done right here in the office. The procedure requires just local anesthesia, so you can walk right out of the office after this test. We use a 3mm punch, so it does not require stitches and there is minimal aftercare.

After The Procedure

We will put a bandage with antibiotic ointment over the biopsy site. You will need to change the bandage daily for about 2 weeks or until the site is completely healed. You will return to the office in approximately 2-3 weeks to review biopsy results with your physician and the next steps in your treatment.