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Dr. Nicole Freels, FACFAOM, C.Ped. was born with wanderlust in her blood. The only thing she loves more than escaping on a new adventure is finding a new travel shoe that won’t slow her down. She’s got energy for days!

Here are her top 6 travel shoe recommendations, but remember…most brands make some great shoes and some terrible shoes.

  1. Well-supported tennis shoes for walking around throughout your day. Make sure you’ve worn them before your trip to avoid potential blistering and pain.
  2. If planning on going overseas, expect possibilities of cobblestone streets or uneven terrain. Make sure your shoe has plenty of stability for your ankle. If hiking, choose a high top or boot for added support.
  3. If planning on a walking/hiking trip, look for shoes or boots with a Gortex material to avoid your feet getting and staying wet. Athlete’s feet and blisters are NOT the souvenirs you want.
  4. If you have a high or low arch, plan on a good insert to provide added support where you need it. Based on your foot type, we have a semi-custom line in our office and that can be dispensed same day. We also offer a new custom orthotic option if you’re in a hurry where you can receive them same day!
  5. Buy your socks for the shoes you are wearing and the activity you are planning. If your feet tend to sweat, make sure you wear moisture-wicking socks (look for bamboo or copper fibers) to encourage moisture to be removed from your skin.
  6. If you’re headed to the beach and need a sandal or flip flop, make sure to choose an option that has a strap to secure your heel and also support your ankle. It sounds silly, but a simple strap around the ankle can make a huge difference.

If you ever have questions about your shoe choices or are interested in orthotics for your travels, come see us for an evaluation and make sure your feet are ready for your next adventure.