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Tips for a Fungus Free School Year

If you're like most parents, you're eagerly awaiting the end of summer and the return of your kids to school. But before you send them back with their shiny new Trapper Keepers and boxes of crayons, make sure to protect them from one common scourge: athlete's foot. Here are four tips to help keep your kids fungus-free all year long.

  1. Keep their feet clean and dry. Make sure they wash their feet every day using Mod Pod Clean. You can rest assured that your kids’ feet are squeaky clean when using this gentle foaming antibacterial and antifungal soap. Dry their feet thoroughly afterwards, paying special attention to in-between the toes. We don’t want any moisture getting trapped in there!

    If you’re child has >sweaty feet, you may find it difficult to keep their feet dry. A deodorizing foot spray, such as Mod Pod Fresh, will help prevent excessive sweating and fight odor causing bacteria. This is great for young athletes or very active kids. Just spritz the cooling peppermint solution directly onto your child’s feet and into their shoes for long-lasting freshness. For severe sweating, we can call in a prescription called Drysol to reduce the sweating.

  2. Wear shoes that fit well and allow their feet to breathe. This will also help prevent sweaty feet and foot odor. Avoid tight, synthetic shoes that trap moisture. Look for shoes with mesh panels or other ventilation to keep feet cool and dry.
  3. Don't share towels or shoes. Athlete's foot is a fungus, so it can spread easily from person to person. Remind your kids not to share towels or shoes with their friends. If you share a bathtub or shower, make sure to clean it in between uses to prevent a fungal infection.
  4. Keep their feet dry in public places. When your kids are in locker rooms or public showers, make sure they wear shower shoesor sandals to keep their feet from coming into contact with the floor.
  5. Inspect their feet regularly. Check for any redness, itching, or blisters, and call us if you notice anything out of the ordinary. Trust your gut, It’s better to be safe than sorry!

With a little bit of preventative care, you can help keep your kids' feet healthy and free of athlete's foot all year long. If you have any questions or are concerned your child might have athlete’s foot please call the office at 859-264-1141 or schedule an appointment online.