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The Importance of Treating Nail Fungus During the Fall Season
  1. Timing is Key: Fall is the Ideal Season for Nail Fungus Treatment
    • - Treating nail fungus during the fall season is crucial for optimal results.
    • - Nails grow slower in cooler weather, allowing more time for treatment to take effect.
    • - Starting treatment now ensures healthier nails for the warmer months ahead.
  2. Three Treatment Options Based on Severity
    • Topical Antifungals - Introducing REPAIR from Modern Podiatrist.
      • - REPAIR is a potent 4-in-1 solution formulated by Modern Podiatrist.
      • - It combines two antifungal agents, a lightening agent, and a thinning agent.
      • - This prescription-strength topical antifungal tackles the fungus while enhancing the appearance of the nails.
    • Lamisil Prescription - Aware of Potential Liver Side Effects
      • - In more severe cases, a prescription like Lamisil might be recommended.
      • - It's important to note that Lamisil can have potentially harmful effects on the liver.
      • - Patients need to undergo bloodwork and a nail biopsy before opting for this treatment. If you’re on a cholesterol medication or on a medication that’s heavily metabolized by your liver, you are not a candidate.
    • MLS IV Laser Therapy - The Most Effective Nail Fungus Treatment
      • - The last and most effective method is MLS IV laser therapy.
      • - This non-invasive procedure uses laser energy to target and destroy the fungal infection.
      • - MLS IV laser therapy has shown promising results in treating nail fungus with minimal discomfort.
      • -Pricing based on number of nails that need to be treated. HAS/FSA accepted!
  3. Act Now to Achieve Healthy and Beautiful Nails
    • - By acting now and seeking treatment during the fall season, you can give your nails the time they need to grow out healthy.
    • - Don't wait until spring or summer when nail fungus can become more embarrassing and bothersome.
    • - Call us today to determine the best treatment option for your nail fungus and take the first step towards healthier, fungus-free nails.

Remember, treating nail fungus requires patience and consistency. Start now and give yourself the best chance for successful treatment.