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Whether you were diagnosed with type 2 diabetes years ago or have recently received the news, it’s vital that you take good care of your feet. You’ve no doubt heard the horror stories about diabetics having their toes and even feet amputated, right? Well that all starts with a seemingly innocent little blister or sore on the foot that snowballs out of control. Diabetic foot care is so important because your body isn’t able to heal itself as well as others, so a little sore can quickly turn into something much worse if it’s not treated. Don’t let that happen!

Here’s a great photo article offering 14 foot care tips for diabetics. It’s an easy read, so take a look. If you have diabetes, give us a call at Lexington Podiatry for a check-up at 859-264-1141. Even if you’re not experiencing any problems, we can examine your feet for any potential issues and show you what to watch out for. And if you have any blisters, cuts or sores, please call us right away. You’d be surprised how quickly even little boo-boos can turn into big, scary boo-boos for diabetics.