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It’s that time of the year again… National Men’s Health Month. This June we are encouraging all men to heighten their awareness of their foot health.

Caring for your feet is crucial if you plan on remaining physically active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Start from the ground up (your feet). If you are trying to hide those crusty and fungus-filled toenails from your wife, fear no more. There are many treatments available and we are happy to help.

How does it form?

Most fungus thrives in moist environments. So if you spend a lot of time at public pools, at the gym or showering at the fitness center, there’s a good chance you will catch the fungi at some point. If you are an active runner and sweat a lot in those tight tennis shoes, the foot fungi will love it. Steel toe boots? They may be made for walking but they are unnecessary evil. The bacteria that forms in boots will eventually grow into fungi.

How to spot it

The symptoms are fairly easy to recognize. The most obvious sign being discoloration that starts as a yellowish or white spot just under the tip of the nail and darkens as it progresses throughout the nail. Other symptoms include nails that are thickened, brittle, distorted, crumbling at the edges or detached.


  • Prescribed anti-fungal medication
  • Applying topical medications daily
  • Using an antifungal lacquer (a type of nail polish that can clear up fungal infections)
  • Laser treatments

If you are experiencing a fungal nail infection, call our office at 859-264-1141 or make an online appointment. (Please bring a list of other medications you are on to your appointment, as some anti-fungals used to treat this condition should not be used if you’re on certain types of medications).