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Getting Back to Work: Making the Transition from your Quarantine Slippers to Work Sandals

As summer is approaching and the world is slowly making its way out of quarantine, we’re also beginning our transition from slippers and house shoes and back in to everyday footwear. Although we recommend that you stay away from the classic flip flop, we understand that avoiding sandals altogether throughout the summer is not a realistic option for everyone. For those of you out there who love a good summertime sandal, we’ve created a basic guide for buying podiatrist approved shoes without sacrificing summer fashion.

Why should I avoid flip flops?

Although it can be a hard pill to swallow, we insist that our patients completely avoid flip flops at all costs. Why? First, flip flops just don’t offer enough support, stability, or protection for your feet. Most flips flops have a thin sole, which means it’s pretty easy for foreign objects like nails, sticks and other general debris to puncture clean through your feet. This can lead to open wounds, infections, and other potentially dangerous conditions that can be painful and time-consuming to treat. Because flip flops only have two (usually thin) straps, they leave your entire foot exposed, creating ample opportunity injuries and trauma. The absence of a sturdy toe strap and ankle strap also forces your toes to grip the front of the shoe in order to keep your foot in place. This gripping motion tends to cause hammertoes and blisters, both of which can be absolutely detrimental to your foot health.

What features should I look for when I’m sandal shopping?

Even though flip flops are a no-go, there are tons of sandals on the market that are podiatrist approved! These sandals from Vionic are a great example. Why do these check all of our boxes? We’ll break it down so you can see exactly what to look for on your next shoe shopping spree.

A Stable Base:

If you’ve ever spent any time on our website or social media, you know that one of our favorite ways to evaluate the stability of a shoe is by doing the “twist test”. You simply pick up the shoe and twist it around as much as possible. Ideally, the shoe should hold its shape- the more it twists and folds, the less stability it provides. Shoes with thicker soles also tend to be more stable, so if you’re shopping online, this is a great way to visually evaluate stability and support!

Cushion & Arch Support:

Just like with running shoes, finding a sandal with sufficient cushion and arch support is incredibly important. This will help provide stability for your feet while also keeping them comfortable. Having these two features, especially, can help prevent tons of common foot problems, from stress fractures to general foot pain. Finding sandals with arch support can sometimes be challenging, but Vionic typically has some great options!

Toe Strap AND Ankle Strap:

Finally, finding a sandal with sturdy toe straps and ankle straps is probably the most important criteria. Having thick straps that align with the ball of your foot as well as wrap around your ankle will help keep your feet locked in place. This will also help prevent your toes from having to curl and grip like they do in traditional flip flops, keeping your feet healthy and relaxed.

We know that giving up flip flops completely might be challenging, but sticking to these guidelines will pay off in the long run by keeping your feet happy and healthy!