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Are You Ready for Spring?

Toenail Fungus Treatment

I don’t know about you, but I am ready for spring. Warmer weather means that we can all start wearing sandals again, but it also means our toes will be exposed.

Fungus lives in everyone’s shoes, so after a long winter of wearing closed-toe shoes, it is very common for people to develop toenail fungus. However, this doesn’t mean that you should be nervous about wearing sandals in the upcoming months.

If you start preparing now, your toenails will be sandal ready in no time! There are several effective ways to treat toenail fungus:


Lamisil has long been considered the “gold standard” for treating nail fungus (a.k.a. onychomycosis). It is an oral medication taken one week out of every month for a year. Lamisil can be harsh on the liver, therefore blood work needs to be performed in advance to make sure your liver is healthy enough for this medication.

You are not a candidate for this medication if you are already taking medication for high cholesterol or if you have poor circulation.


Laser therapy is the most cutting-edge and effective way to treat nail fungus. Our HyperBlue laser is FDA cleared and there are no side effects! The laser promotes healthy nail growth by increasing the circulation to the area.

One round of laser therapy consists of three treatments performed once a month over the course of three months. The treatments are painless and can be performed in approximately 15 minutes based on the number of toenails affected. There is no downtime after laser treatment.

If you have a progressed case of fungus, then it might be necessary to remove the nail before performing laser treatment. In cases like this, the nail is too thick and infected for treatment to be effective. That doesn’t mean that we can’t treat your fungus, we just need to start with a clean slate in order to get the best results possible. If you need to have your toenail removed, you can start laser treatment approximately 2-3 weeks after the procedure. Laser treatment will help ensure that the new nail growing back in is healthy.


Both laser and Lamisil work best in conjunction with topicals to treat superficial fungus and prevent progression of the infection. Our topical antifungal is called Repair. Containing a mix of essential oils and the thinning properties of urea, Repair is designed to eliminate fungus and hydrate & soften thick, brittle toenails. This easy to apply topical antifungal will help remove yellow and discolored build-up, leaving you with smoother and healthier nails.


Thernail is a medical-grade dietary supplement that contains a prescription dose of biotin, iron, and zinc to stimulate epidermal cells that will strengthen keratin and promote healthy nail growth. It is recommended that you take one tablet daily to increase nail strength and improve brittle nails. For your convenience, Theranail is available in the office and can be picked up at the front desk.

Let us help you get those toes ready for the spring and summer months! Make an appointment today to discuss which option is best for you!