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This blog post is really just for the ladies, but men, you are welcome to listen in. (Given the title, I’m sure you are!)

I know a woman, let’s call her Rhoda, who changes her toenail polish to match whatever bathing suit she’s wearing. Since she spends nearly every summer day at the pool, that’s a lot of work. Whether it’s red, yellow, turquoise or black with white polka dots, her little piggies always match her bikini. But all of that polish can do a lot of damage to your nails. And the problem is, she keeps painting them all winter long, which I never understood.

Most nail polishes contain formaldehyde, which is a known carcinogen, meaning it can cause cancer. You might remember the smell of this lovely chemical from dissecting frogs back in your high school biology class. The formaldehyde in the polish dries up and damages your nails. To make matters worse, fingernail polish remover contains acetone, which also damages the nails.

So when you’re constantly painting and removing, painting and removing, painting and removing, it weakens your nails to a point where they’re much more susceptible to fungal infections. Which, given how much you chronic polishers are into your nails, you definitely don’t want!

And don’t try to tell me you only use a clear coat of polish, because that’s just as damaging.

It’s November now, so chances are you’re not wearing a bathing suit too often these days. Your open toed shoes and flip flops have been exchanged for black leather boots and pumps. So why not take that polish off and give your toes a rest? No one’s going to see them.

Giving your toenails some time off will also help fade the staining that all the toenail polish has probably done to your nails. If you’re one of the lucky girls that get a beach vacation for the holidays, we carry Dr. Remedy’s brand of anti-fungal, organic nail polishes with the latest fall and winter colors. They also won’t stain your nails.

Tonight when you get home and take those boots off, take the toenail polish from your August beach vacation off, too. Just go naked this winter.