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Insurance May Cover Your Shoes

Taking care of your feet needs to be one of your top priorities if you are living with diabetes.

The good news is that most insurance plans cover one pair of diabetic shoes per year.

Shoes that are made for diabetic feet have defensive properties built in to help protect you and your feet. They come in several styles, so you can have different styles for different occasions as well.

Diabetic Shoe Difference

Apex shoes are specifically designed for diabetics because they are:

  • Wider in the toe box allowing your toes to move around and prevents potential cuts or blisters.
  • Form fitted to your feet. Custom shoes mean a better fit and less chance of injuries.
  • Stabilizing, which helps protects patient with neuropathy that have a greater chance of bumps, scrapes and falls.
  • Helpful in preventing diabetic foot ulcers. The less cuts and abrasions you have, the less risk of amputation you have.

As a diabetic, the best way to protect your feet is to wear shoes at all times.

Remember to take the proper steps for your foot care. Check your feet daily and keep your yearly appointment checkups. Take the right steps towards healthier feet.