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Foot cramps come on fast, and they come on hard.


Most people find it difficult, if not impossible to continue what they were doing when a foot cramp strikes, whether that's working out, walking through Wal-Mart or sleeping.

There's quite a variety of issues that can cause foot cramps, and some of them might surprise you:

  • Nutrition - If your body is low in certain nutrients, it might contribute to muscle and nerve issues that can cause foot cramps. For example, potassium, which is commonly found in bananas and salt, can help prevent foot cramps.
  • Circulation - Certain health conditions that affect your blood flow can cause foot cramps if the foot doesn't get enough oxygen.
  • Hydration - Foot cramps can occur if you do not stay properly hydrated, particularly during athletic activities.
  • Toxins - Whether they're from bad air, bad water, bad food or bad personal care products, toxins can cause a variety of health issues including foot cramps.
  • Smoking and Drinking - Add foot cramps to the long list of health issues that can be caused by smoking and drinking too much alcohol. Both of these can lead to dehydration, circulation issues and poisons in your body, so you're almost asking for foot cramps if you like to smoke and drink.
  • Prescriptions - Certain medications bring an increased risk of foot cramps.
  • Other more expected causes of foot cramps include pinched nerves, injury, stress on the foot, and overly tired feet.


If you are experiencing foot cramps, come in for an appointment and we'll get to the bottom of it.

There may be small changes in your lifestyle and diet that you can make to limit the cramps. If there are health concerns that contribute to the cramps, we'll address those too.

Treatment might also include a routine of certain stretches, pain or anti-inflammatory medications, rest, wearing shoe inserts or orthotics, changing the type of shoes you wear, and elevating and icing or heating the foot.

At Home Treatment

1. To ease the pain and reduce inflammation soak your feet daily in RELAX. The lemongrass will soothe aching joints and minimize down time.

2. After you've patted the area dry, apply our super potent CBD stick, SOOTHE. Or our CBD-FREE pain-relieving ointment, RECOVER. Both will offer a refreshing sensation while erasing away your pain.