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Cody Meier

Cody Meier MHA Director Of Operations

Cody's inspiring journey in the realm of healthcare administration is a testament to his unwavering commitment and outstanding achievements. Amidst his active duty service in the United States Air Force, Cody not only dedicated himself to the nation but also embarked on an academic pursuit that culminated in the attainment of his Master’s in Healthcare Administration, a feat marked by the distinction of graduating summa cum laude.

Spanning over a remarkable 12-year career in healthcare management, Cody's professional voyage commenced within the USAF as a Hospital Administrator. His pivotal role involved overseeing and optimizing healthcare services across diverse military treatment facilities scattered across the globe. In addition to his administrative responsibilities, Cody was bestowed with the honor of serving as a member of the Honor Guard, contributing significantly to over 400 military honors ceremonies, a reflection of his deep sense of duty and respect for service members.

Following the completion of his dedicated enlistment, Cody expanded his operational horizons by lending his expertise to a multi-state orthotic/prosthetic organization and collaborating with the esteemed University of Kentucky. The wealth of experience and knowledge gained through these endeavors positioned him as a valuable asset when he joined the LexPod team in 2022, marking yet another milestone in his illustrious career.

While Cody originally hails from Madison Township, Ohio, he fondly considers London, Kentucky, as his true home. This is where he spent his formative years, graduated high school, and serendipitously met his life partner. Presently, Cody, alongside his wife and daughter, has established roots in Richmond, creating a haven that resonates with warmth and familial bonds.

Beyond his professional pursuits, the Meier family shares a profound appreciation for the outdoors. Their collective love for travel, golfing, and hiking serves as a cornerstone for creating cherished memories and strengthening the familial fabric. These shared adventures not only speak to Cody's commitment to his family but also highlight the harmonious blend of his personal and professional spheres, painting a comprehensive portrait of a dedicated healthcare professional and a loving family man.